Beijing Miyun New City Recycling Water Plant is 40,000 cubic meters per day for the tidal white river

People’s Network Beijing July 23 (Li Bo) Beijing Miyun New City Recycling Water Factory has been invested for more than a year, at present, there are 40,000 cubic meters of high-quality renewable water injection into the tidal white river daily, for this important River performs ecological hydration.

The Miyun Reservoir is an important source of water in Beijing. It has been put into production, the Miyun Recycling Water Plant was built in 2006, and the daily treatment of 10,000 cubic meters. The water quality reached the national standard A standard, which protected the water environment safety of the tidal white river in Miyun. However, with the increase in urban development and population, as well as the quality requirements of water environment, the old renewable water plant processing capacity, the process has not been able to meet the demand for secret cloud sewage.

In addition, the old factory is located in Miyun City, which is not conducive to collect sewage in the south of the downstream city and the moon. China Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Beijing Branch opened a fast green approval channel, issued 15 years of billion loans, providing financial support for high-tech environmental enterprises – Beijing Bishuiyuan wholly-owned subsidiary Beijing Grunmei Cloud Environmental Governance Company provides financial support, helping its investment in Miyun Building a new renewable water plant.

"The previous Grunmei cloud is 200 million yuan in a financial leasing company, and the loan interest rate is high.

After the official operation of the Miyun New City Recycling Water Plant, the initial amount of water is low, the income is not enough, so repayment is high.

After the replacement of the Industrial and Commercial Bank, it provides a good support for the continuity of the interest rate reduction and the repayment cycle, and maintains the sustainability of Financial Financial Finance.

"Chen Chunsheng, Vice President of Bishuiyuan.

The Miyun New City Recycling Water Plant is located next to the Yunmong Bridge, Southwest Miyun City, and the midstage of the Xiakaba River, the first phase of the water plant is put into operation in April 2020, and the sewage daily treatment is 10,000 cubic meters. After the new water plant was put into production, the old factory stopped using it. The sewage in Miyun City was treated by the New Town Recycling Water Plant. Miyun New Town Recycling Water Plant uses a membrane bioreactor MBR technology for water source, which is a key support technique for solving the shortage of water resources and severe water pollution. At present, the daily 4 to 50,000 cubic meters of life sewage and a small amount of industrial wastewater from Miyun District are exchanged in the water plant, and then enter the membrane pool to convert the sewage to the membrane pool. High quality regeneration water. Chang Fu Changming, Miyun New City Recycling Water Plant, said: "The main water production index of the water plant reaches the landmark water III standard. The high-quality renewable water produced is mainly used in the urban river landscape water, landscaping irrigation, etc., and also provides peripherals. Production water. "According to the planning, Miyun New City Recycling Water Plant Project is divided into two constructions, the relevant person in charge of Beijing Biwishiyuan company introduced that the second phase of the project construction will be launched in the south side of the factory in the factory area, the sewage treatment scale is 10,000 cubic meters / day .

It is expected to be built for three years. At that time, Miyun New City Recycled Water Plant sewage treatment scale will reach 100,000 cubic meters / day, more high-quality renewable water will be used in the ecological replenishment of municipal and municipal and tidal, the ecological protection around Miyun Reservoir And regional sustainable development plays a crucial support.

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