he asks:“What is thinking??”

Le Yu Yizhen,Looking at him smiling:“You think of。”
Le Yu:“”Hermed her。
She still thought that this man would be smart.。
“In the hospital?”
Le Yu is not angry, answering him。
Lei Ling always feels a special。
At this time,Surprise sound from outside the door。
“Gather,She is specially pregnant with twins,I am this old.,Too special surprise,Take him Rayling loves me,I don’t like the old lady.,Children I am using big。
Twin,I specially accumulated that the blessings of my life have come on me.。
Actually pregnant with a twin。”
Lu Si is looking at the handBovertake。
When she lifted,Suddenly see Rayling,The joy of the face gradually solidified,In the handsBSuper single almost falls on the ground,How can he be here??
Le Yu is white and her,Can she still hold??
She has seen three tires.,What is the surprised twin。
Rayling is surprised to be in place,What did he have heard??
She is pregnant with a twin,Take him love not to love him,Don’t love a foot, I have a foot.,She sangs the child。
It’s hard to wonder the attitude of music.,It turned out that she was thinking about her child.。
This damn woman does not tell him like this?,It’s also the words of the crown.。
Le Yu looks at the atmosphere.,“I will go see my blue baby.。”
“Le Yu,Are you still my good sister??”
Lu Sisi looked at Le Yuli, she didn’t care,Feel angry,at this time,She should not stand in her,Do you fight Raylle??
NS964chapter:You are really bad enough
Le Yu smiled and looked at her.,This Rayling is coming to her.,Not to hit her。
What else is there?,That is not a good sister.?
Lu Si wants to escape now,Although nothing to know with her,But she knows that Lu Si。
Orchi’s life,In addition to envy the rich,It’s almost a husband who loves her.。
Now this person is in front of her.,She thinks to escape,The happiness will be getting farther away from her.。
Le Yu smiles:“I have something to say to you.,I will avoid it first.,I am in the next ward,If you do something,I will rushed the first one.。”
Le Yu has moved to the door,Laughing in Lu Si,Give her a cheering hand gesture,Smile。
Constis:“”She doesn’t have to refuel now,How do she need to explain this man now??