One hundred and eight sets of swordsmanship ahead,But the way,method。

And this devastating atmosphere that fills the space,But it is the purpose and the source。
Take these swords as a way,Step by step,Of course, how much you can understand in the end is up to you。
“Three hundred years,See how much I can realize!”
Moon under the lake,Thousand Star Island。
All Blades,It’s the last and most difficult road to cross in Yuexiatan,And the last obstacle。
The god of the world,The opponent I will face is myself。
to be exact,But an opponent exactly like myself,God body exactly like yourself、Supernatural power、Mana etc.,Everything is exactly the same。Even the same kind of means,The difference lies in the methods used by the guards,It’s the means of Moonlight Lake。”
Li Ming’s biggest advantage is‘Pure Yang Jindan’Reach second class,But in‘All Blades’There is no such advantage at all。
On the road,It’s pure fighting skills。
Li Ming used,Naturally,Mysterious gold changes into countless star beads,Quadruple Chaos prohibition additional,Use formation against the enemy。
And the guardian exactly like himself,Same formation。
Two masters of formation,Start breaking each other out。
Who breaks the opponent’s formation first,Can use the advantage of the formation to directly crush the opponent。
When I just entered,Li Ming first broke through the seven guardians in a row,Break through the Seven Great Formations。Each of these big formations is completely different from the three realms.。
The core of the Three Realms formation,It is the power that runs and guides the world,Psychedelic、seal、Bondage、defense、Attacks and many other effects。And for Li Ming,Formation changes at any time。
On Li Ming’s body surface,Water and fire,Surrounded by stars,Slash,Yin and yang cycle,Many means,Every weight is not particularly powerful,But when combined with each other, they fully explain the methods of a real master of formation.。