Cyclic stock day strong persistence uncertainty private equity resolutely bets on new infrastructure

Cyclic stocks single day strong persistence uncertainty private equity resolutely bet on “new infrastructure”

Original title: It is uncertain whether the cyclical stock market will continue to be strong on a daily basis. Private equity firms resolutely bet on the source of “new infrastructure”: 21st Century Business Herald The value of style switching is being revealed in the A-share market.

  On February 26, with the major adjustment of the GEM market represented by technology stocks, the GEM fell by 4 that day.

66%, photo-resist, semiconductor, storage and other technology-related concept plates have fallen by more than 8%.

On that day, more than 170 stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets decreased by more than 9%, and most of them were technology stocks spreading in the previous period.

  In contrast, cyclical stocks represented by real estate, infrastructure, and steel have shown an increasing trend.

According to the CITIC Tier 1 industry classification, the construction, real estate, steel, and building materials indexes rose 4 each day.

38%, 2.

17%, 1.

65%, 1.


  Some market participants speculate whether this round of evaluation offense of technology stocks will end with the rebound of cyclical stocks.

Persons from the initial merger fundraising organization believe that the rebound of cyclical stocks is still caused by a small “replenishment” in the previous period, rather than representing the fund’s expectation for a strong recovery in infrastructure and real estate.

  ”Under the impact of the epidemic, the length of cyclical stock splits is affected by macro fundamentals. Although the regulatory authorities have released some easing policies, there is still uncertainty as to whether cyclical stocks can meet a strong performance change.

“A person in charge of a private equity institution in Beijing said, and” and “technology stock index, the current growth of cyclical stocks is still too low in the previous period, and was replaced by it, and some stocks are even in a net state.

“In doing so, Xingshi Investment also pointed out that the cyclical stocks represented by traditional infrastructure have more rolling and dragging effects, and their growth space is still limited. They also point out that” new infrastructure “is the direction to tap new growth points.

  ”Growth stocks have accumulated a good gain in the early stage. This decline is a normal consequence of the spread of peripheral epidemics, so don’t be too panic.

“Xingshi Investment said.

  ”The new infrastructure has been mentioned in several important conferences in the past, and the extra infrastructure will bring more performance support to 5G, cloud computing, 都市夜网 industrial Internet and other industrial chains.

“Xingxingshi Investment said.

“On a large scale, the new infrastructure sectors such as biomedicine, medical equipment, 5G networks, and the Industrial Internet that were highlighted during the Politburo meeting should accelerate development and transformation.Accelerators, cloud computing, big data applications and 5G network construction will also accelerate.