A pair carved in special metal,The unbreakable secret pattern is fixed in this ruin。

once,This is the place where many experts in the universe have comprehended,But with the emergence of the Fourth Jedi,No one cares here soon。
As for the world beast catastrophe,,There is no strong one going。
But at the moment,Below this secret pattern,But there is a dark figure。
This figure,Extremely evil,With a pair of black horns soaring to the sky。
But at the top of the horn,But with two traces of whiteness。If you just observe these two traces,Even feel a illusion of holiness。
Beast,It is the life born under the operation of the rules of destruction。
Operate according to the rules,at first,One billion beasts will be born。
When the world beasts fight each other,Or when killing with a strong man in the universe,When only the last one is left,The Beast King was born。
This process is almost impossible to crack。
The only way,One is a strong man who has at least the power equivalent to Chaos Domination,One thought chaos covers all the world beasts,Kill with one thought。
Even the birth of the world beast king takes time,As long as there is a fish that slips through the net,The Beast King will appear。
But it is impossible,Li Ming’s strength is comparable to the eternal true god,This is already very dangerous。A strong man equivalent to the rule of chaos appears in the universe,There is no possibility at all。
The second is the slavery beast,Must be the third level true god who breaks through the divine power route,And there is the secret technique of soul slavery at the level of the god king to succeed。