“Nothing,I didn’t plan to go back to Lichuan now,There are still some things to deal with。Little don’t win newlyweds,Grandmother is dying,It happened suddenly,They really have to go back。”Zhu Minglang said。

“what?They keep telling me,Be sure to explain the route they walked to you in detail,I’m afraid you are going the wrong way,Can’t meet them,I can tell,Ladies are not used to your absence。”Hu Bailing said seriously。
“They are not as weak as they look。”Zhu Minglang smiled。
Don’t worry,If Li Yunzi has woken up,With her resourcefulness and strength,No matter how difficult the situation is, it can be broken,In addition, the strength of Nan Lingsha and Nan Yusu are also very strong now,There is no king-level figure in Lichuan Dadi,They can cope easily。
On the contrary, I wish Minglang myself,We have to solve the current situation first,Let the four dragons complete the degradation stage as soon as possible,Even if only one dragon wakes up,I can also climb quickly,To a realm that has never been touched before。
Not a bad thing,Considering that I still have a hidden enemy,Or a very strong one in the king class,I wish Minglang have to travel by myself。
unfortunately,This time Nihai became himself again。
Nihai is also called Longhai,The country surrounding Nihai,Basically respected by Master Mulong,Including the Supreme Court of How to Train Your Dragon,Also near Nihai,The resources there are quite rich。
Every dragon needs to be reshaped from attributes to bloodlines,I wish Minglang need a lot of spiritual resources,I am afraid that only the extremely rich Nihai can provide it perfectly。
“I write a letter,You give them as soon as possible for me,Let them wait for me in Lichuan,I’ll go back to Lichuan in some time。”Zhu Minglang made a decision soon。
Solid strength,It’s not too late to meet them again。
Lai Yunzi’s philosophy is correct,Can guard oneself,With the cherished people around,Only with sufficient strength。
There shouldn’t be anyone in this world who has improved their strength faster,Including aliens。