Xia Jian, who was checking information on the computer, was startled by the sudden intrusion of the black baby。When I understood what Heiwa meant,Hurriedly stood up。

Quiet in the compound,There are no lights in a few rooms。These few days down,It seems to be tiring everyone。Xiao Xiao should have gone to bed early,She can stick to Lao Xiao’s funeral,Is already very difficult。
Needless to say,Heiwa came in over the wall。Because after Xia Jian changed her phone number,,No one knows his new account。
Xia Jian with the black baby,Walked gently to the gate,Then quietly opened the door,The two sneaked out。
Up a teahouse at the foot of Beishan,Jin Yimei is here early,She booked a box,Sitting in it alone, waiting for Xia Jian’s arrival。
When Xia Jian walked in,Jin Yimei hurriedly stood up。She took a breath and said:“Mr. Xiao just left,I shouldn’t bother you at this time,But the situation is urgent,I can’t find you”
“Nothing,If you have anything to say”Xia Jian said,But sat down in the seat opposite Jin Yimei。Heiwa retired with interest,He closed the door easily。
“Emergency in Qingshan County。Just received the notice from the county just yesterday,All purchased land,Can’t be idle,All construction must be started within two years,Otherwise it will be taken back”Jin Yimei is very anxious,I didn’t even pour tea to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian took a breath,Think carefully,The land transferred from Qingshan County has indeed exceeded two years。They promised when they signed,All start construction within two years,And will be completed within five years。But later due to financial problems,Less than a third of the whole project moved。
“This is a*bother,If you have all the money!”That’s it for Xia Jian,Took a long breath,He felt like he was suffocating。
Jin Yimei nodded,Only then apologized to pour Xia Jian a cup of tea and said:“The stall that Guo Meili left behind is worse than imagined。Qingshan County needs a lot of funds,Although Hongchuanhe Hot Spring Resort is profitable,But the second phase of construction,Equal to balance”
“Pingdu city must not collapse,Because there are so many investors”Xia Jian said,Took a sip of hot tea。
Jin Yimei took a breath and said:“I checked the accounts of the past few years。Pingdu City and Qingshan County have made a lot of money in recent years,But all went to the venture group。What Guo Meili has taken away is only the income of the past six months”
“Are you saying that the two subsidiaries of Pingdu have already hollowed out?”Xia Jian asked in surprise。
Jin Yimei nodded and said:“you can say so。It’s just that it’s not good to speak in front of Mr. Xiao,What happened here,We don’t know”
“You mean that the entrepreneurial group is not clear at all about making up for the debt?”Xia Jian asked。
Jin Yimei shook her head and said:“Know nothing。When i know,Everything is late”
Xia Jian thought,He doesn’t know。What did Xiao Xiao do??
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