Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Seven Wildcat Demise

No room for thinking,Li Tianchou just kicked the ground subconsciously,Fly upside down。at the same time,With the light flashing diagonally above his head,“boom”A gunshot,The surrounding walls were humming。
Li Tianchou’s scalp is tingling,The ears are full of messy calls,Then came tearing pain in the left leg。When his flat body is about to touch the debris below,Also fired back at a very fast speed,Two muffled bangs,Then there was a miserable howl。But he didn’t have time to check each other,Then he buried it with a bang。
The man in black next to the back door is the wild cat,He first noticed movement outside the back door,So calmly transferred back to a subordinate to take care of Pang Rong and others,He and the muscular man quickly approached the back door。
As expected,There was someone outside the back door,Wild cat ecstatic,But he did not expect that the other party’s alertness far exceeded his expectations,He hasn’t even seen how many people there are,Was immediately discovered。Just listen to the clang of slate,A flower in front of the wild cat,The figure who was still squatting on the ground suddenly disappeared,He couldn’t help but feel horrified,I’ve never seen such a quick and strange shenfa,Did I meet a ghost??
Wild cats are also people who have experienced wind and waves,The more urgent and critical moments,His head becomes calmer。First of all,The other party is a human, not a ghost,at this point,He never doubted his eyes and sense of smell,It’s just a premonition in my heart that I encountered an extremely rare、Difficult opponent。
and so,His idea of rushing out immediately changed immediately,Turn on the lock again very carefully,Waving for a muscular man to go to the second floor to outflank。With gunfire,The wild cat seized the opportunity to quickly open the door,Roll on the spot and cling to the wall,At the same time, both hands raised the gun and aimed at the rumbling debris pile。
But what puzzles the wild cat is that the muscular man on the second floor did not shoot continuously to cooperate with him,Look up,A half-open window is empty and there are no people,And the glass has been crushed,A long black stick hung on the steel fence,Seems to be a gun。The pupils of the wild cat shrank sharply,The secret path is over。
Strong sense of danger,Forcing the wild cats to focus all their attention on the pile of tatters that have collapsed。He has never been so nervous,Even impulsively wanting to pull the trigger immediately,That guy must be in this mess,Wildcat’s extremely confident judgment,But dare not act rashly。
But one after another shots gave Pang Rong great encouragement,He feels that the wild cat that has not returned to the central hall must be in trouble。At first I thought Shen Mingfang was caught,But the noise that followed is definitely not the case。Especially after the screams from upstairs,Strengthened Pang Rong’s ideas。There must be an outsider here,Even if it’s not a rescuer,It should be the opponent of the wild cat,Otherwise pinch if you don’t meet。
Pang Rong looked at the man in black with a gun on the opposite side,I’m not as relaxed as before,His body seems a little tight,I used to stand on tiptoe from time to time,Or take two steps back and forth,Now it stands still,And the calf is stretched straight,I seem to rush forward at any time。It seems that this guy has a premonition。
Look at the strong man who has been with him,Pang Rong added a two-point chance of winning in his heart。This big guy named Guan Tong only met not long ago,In a miscellaneous underground yard,Pang Rong was suddenly attacked by Chen Bin and his group,Moment of crisis,Fortunately, Guan Tong shot in time to overcome the difficulties。
Pang Rong is naturally grateful,Under a question,This person escaped from a field,The two met as before,From then on, Guan Tong was taken by Pang Rong。Pang Rong knows that this person is quite capable,Is the kind of hidden。If you suddenly get into trouble now,Guan Tong will play a key role。
Pang Rong gently touched Guan Tong with his uninjured leg,The movements are very subtle。But Guan Tong’s expression in the dark does not seem to change,Looking to one side with empty eyes,Inadvertently,But my apple murmured up and down。I don’t know if this is a response,Pang Rong smiled bitterly,If you can’t save your life,I believe Guan Tong will not sit back and watch。
The wild cat stared nervously at the pile of clutter in front of him,The palm of my hand is already full of sweat,This person was injured or was shot dead?There is no breath?It makes no sense,Or I’ll die with Xiao Heizi?Wildcats don’t want to take risks,So it clings to the wall and doesn’t move,Take a while,You can’t escape Lao Tzu’s ears if you die or live。
But things just don’t go well,Suddenly a loud knock came from the big iron gate in the front yard,The sound is breathtaking,Very uncomfortable,And this person is obviously on purpose,Knock it endlessly,Never stop。The village that had been quiet not long ago began to be noisy again。