Saw the Yuntai Spirit Eye,So I looked for a way from Yuntai Ling’s eyes,Instead of blindly ingesting one by one aura like others。

“It seems your source of spiritual realm,I also pushed a handful of Xiao Baiqi’s growth progress。”Mr. Koi said。
“Thanks to Mr. Koi for reminding,Laid a good foundation for Xiao Bai Qi。”Zhu Minglang said。
I have to be confused,It is estimated that Xiaobai has reached the end,The cultivation base is only at the quasi-jun level and the lower level。
Follow Mr. Koi’s method,Lay a higher foundation in the growth period,The upper limit of evolution will also be raised。
Standard King、The lower monarch is still much worse than the middle monarch。
“The four stages of dragon growth,Is particularly important,Otherwise, why do you humans always let children study hard at the minor stage?,But not so much after adulthood。The foundation laid in the early stage,Can make a person’s upper limit higher。”Mr. Koi said。
The truth is this truth,easy to understand。
But when will it be high intensity,When did it slow down?,It’s a very complicated knowledge again……of course,The most important thing is to have money。
“Not good!”
“Not good!”
The voice of the immature and flustered girl rang,Little Chang’e’s ears are standing up,It jumps to Zhu Minglang’s head,The paw caught Zhu Minglang’s hair,The timid way:“Not good,That big python,It’s coming again!”
I wish Minglang look for,I found a moving Changhong on the horizon,The rainbow light is very dazzling,It’s almost like dye is applied to the long sky。
Take a closer look,Only then discovered,That is a rainbow python!
Rainbow scale python,Its devilish energy surpasses most dragons。