“Xiao Chen isn’t going to have tea together?”The driver’s uncle and Chen Wen actually met this morning,Live in the same dormitory back then。

“I’m not going,Just eat rice noodles later。”
The other uncle in the car smiled and said:“Xiao Chen, there is a fairy girl,Why don’t you be in the mood for tea with us??”
Chen Wenjin looked at Master Chen anger,The latter quickly said:“What do you think of me?You guys saw it when you went to dinner at noon。”
Ok,Chen Wenjin misunderstood,I thought it was Master Chen talking nonsense to a friend。
So Chen Wenjin said to his uncle who was joking:“Uncle Wang makes this kind of joke on me again,I’ll go to meet your daughter for dinner and chat later!”
“You kid don’t want to live anymore, right?My family is under 14 years old!”
Chen Wenjin didn’t say anything,Dissatisfaction,The intention was only to let the uncle know that he didn’t want to be joked.。
Car door closed,Drove away。
That uncle smiled and said to Master Chen:“Your son is not young,All get it。Do you want to bring him along??”
“nonsense!”Master Chen thinks this is irrelevant。
There are so many kinds of desires in this world,There are often two faces outside home,Two appearances。
Some know the truth and pretend not to know the truth,Some are willing to believe that the person next to the pillow is special。
When Chen Wenjin was eating noodles,Attention is on the satisfaction of taste buds,The always active brain gets a short break,Give way to appetite。
Wang Shuai came on time,But he actually came to chat with Chen Wenjin,Concern for the market,Wang Shuai has no strong interest anymore。
When the market closes,Wang Shuai’s concluding sigh is enough to show his mood。“You don’t need to watch the bear market every day,Unless like you。”
“I’m not going to watch。”Chen Wenjin looked at the stock they sold today and said:“Look at the opening in the morning,We smashed it all out,Almost smashed the cover sheet,It could have been sealed continuously,Because of us, people mistakenly think that it is Zhuang shipped,The selling order is directly pressured and I dare not stop it。It’s getting harder and harder to choose stocks now,Market reason is not very good,Small transaction funds,There are not so many tickets to meet our perfect needs,In the future,Yields will fall,Five points,Six or seven point stocks are possible。”
“Such a small amount of money affects?”Wang Shuai feels boring。