But actually it’s nothing more than a little egg、Pork and noodles only,These things can cost a few dollars?
Wang Zhi said nothing,Immediately nodded and agreed:“I think it’s ok,This can become the company’s fixed system。”
“Then it’s settled。”
As for Yan Yuan Korea and other technicians of the company,I heard that you can eat noodles with shredded pork and egg when you work overtime at night,Eyes are green!
First716chapter You’re so stupid?
From the Great Wall Computer Company,Li Rui asked Chen Geng casually, seemingly inadvertently:“Mr. Chen,I heard that you are now a shareholder of Intel Corporation?”
“Be it,”Chen Geng nodded:“But it’s the data research company that holds Intel’s shares, not me.。”
“That is indirect shareholding,”Li Rui pondered slightly,Tentatively asked Chen Geng:“Mr. Chen,Can you use your influence to help us speak,Export to usCPUThe price of chips is lower?”
“Deputy Minister Li,You overestimate the influence of me and the data research company on Intel’s decision-making level,”Chen Geng smiled bitterly and shook his head:“Intel’s shares held by Data Research are only12%,Be a minority shareholder in the company,Do you think that other shareholders will only hold12%Do the minority shareholders lose their interests??”
“This one……”
Li Rui was speechless。
The truth is indeed the truth,Of course Chen Geng can make such a request on Intel’s board of directors.,But other shareholders of the board of directors can also disagree。
The other meaning that Chen Geng did not say is,If China’s purchase volume is large enough,Small profits but quick turnover,Big customers have the treatment of big customers,But now Huaxia’s annual purchase from Intel is only a few thousand.,Such a small amount,Not even as much as a small nine-rate personal computer assembly factory in North America,Why does Intel give you a preferential price?
Seeing Li Rui who was speechless,Chen Geng smiled,Said:“When Great Wall Computer develops、The purchase volume is coming up,I will definitely help Great Wall win a corresponding purchase price for major customers。”
Li Rui knows how rare Chen Geng’s promise is,Eyes bright,Quickly agreed:“that……I will thank Mr. Chen first。”
Finished,Li Rui paused,Seems hesitant:“Mr. Chen,Comrade Yan Yuanchao just got a little impulsive,Don’t you mind……”