Building a road enterprise

The joint inspection team is checking the cave.Chen Hanlin is a map of November 2nd, the Beihai Operations Management Center of Guangxi Beitou Group coastal Expressway, Joint Yulin Division He Pu Lu Road political law enforcement brigade, and carried out bridge and culverts along the rutai highway.After investigation, the joint inspection team found that there was a deep water in the road to culling water, and the individual sigus accumulated and drowshed.

The two sides propose corresponding measures: First, strengthen integration, establish a perfect issue list account; Second, strengthen cooperation, timely and redevelopment the headquarters to communicate and coordinate; three is the establishment of the establishment of the establishment, and set the time to rectify the time.The investigation effectively strengthens the linkage of the road and enterprises, further strengthening the risks of bridge and culverts, providing strong protection for the safety of the people’s travel safety.

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