She turned out a comment to the camera’s camera,Significant tone:“Miss,Dongcheng at home,Operate three large supermarkets,This is your home.?”

Yu Qing’s Answered,For your own life,She doesn’t hide,Those social platforms,Have her。
Gu Ai’an suddenly put the phone to the camera.,Look at Qing,Tears fall in an instant,“Miss Yu Qing,In my Weibo,Have your message,Still a blessing message,You know that Lu Gong and I have already got a marriage certificate.,But you”Gu Anan wants to say,Low,The crystal clear teardrop drops on the ground。
And her words,Also causing the suspicion of everyone。
Lu Haokai understood the meaning of Gu A’an,This woman is deliberately running to help her.。
Yu Qing,Face instantly is difficult to see,A crisis feels in the bottom of the heart。
How does Gu An An this vase are in her understanding?,Gu An’an is like quiet,Just like a vase,People’s people。
But today,Gu Anan is not a simple role。
Lu Haokai suddenly looked at Gu Ai’an.,“Anan,You have to believe me,This woman has always been entangled.。
I know you are busy,I have been distressed you,I don’t dare to tell you this matter.,Anan,You must believe me,By this, Miss gives me medicine,I am also unclear.。”
Yu Qing:“”Gu Anan:“”Everyone:“?
Even the Qin Ningzhen and Lu Wei did not believe Lu Haokai’s words。
certainly,Gu Anan will not believe it.。
Lu Haokai tongue,Flower words,She would rather believe that there is a ghost in the world.,I will not believe that Lu Haokai’s mouth,but,Since it is a play,Can only go on this play。
“Lu Haokai,Why don’t you have a face??
Is it what I am thinking now??”
Yu Qing dreams did not think of something such a change。
Lu Haokai glanced at her:“Yu Qing,You know, I know that I have a wife.,You still do,Now you run over and want to find a short-term threat to me.,A few mean?”
Lu Haokai’s last sentence,It can be said that it is stepped on the heart of Qing Qing.。
A few meanings?
She wants money,There is no problem that you can’t solve this world.。
And she now needs money。
The reporters are also confused.,Looked at Qing,I want to ask something,But I am afraid to provoke Yu Qing,Yu Qing is jumping,That is a living person.,No one can lose this responsibility。
“Continental,Are you really medicated??”
A female reporter said the row。
Lu Haokai:“Yes,I have been giving a face for Miss.,Not mentioned,Just want everyone to make so difficult。”
Gu An An Xinye,Is it not ugly enough now??
Her face is lost。
Lu Yi Group’s face is lost。
“Lu Haokai,Your blood spray,You just don’t want to be responsible,Your bastard,Your negative man,Well,I am white with death。”
Yu Qing’s voice excitement,Tear,The whole person is overwhelming upside down a despair。
At this time,Everyone is nervous.,And when I just transferred attention,A firefighters have quietly close to the painful。