And at this moment。

In the Dean’s Office。
Dean Chang is teaching Li Chengke。
Jackson’s matter,Almost ruined the golden sign of their hospital。Jackson is their most important part now……There can be no accidents!
“Go out!”
Reprimanded for a while,Director Chang is tired too,Commanded。
Simultaneously,Seeing Ruan Wu come in。
“what’s up?”
Dean Chang,Asked。
“Fang Yu,came back!I saw Dr. Bi talk to him……”Ruan Wu said。
“You did very well……”
Dean Chang praised。
“Dean Chang,What you promised me……When will it be possible?”Ruan Wu is just a little doctor,If you have the opportunity to study,Maybe it’s possible to go further。
“It is good for young people to have ideals……but,It also depends on your own ability!I can’t give you that qualification……It depends on how you handle it!”
Dean Chang reminded。
“understand……I will definitely let Doctor Fang return to the hospital to help!”
Nguyen Vu Dinh Road。