“Dont look at me,I don’t have much money。”Burke grumbled,“Go out for adventure,Don’t make much money。”

Wright also said nothing,He is also a pauper。
Out of four,So only Karl is richer,But everyone has self-esteem,Impossible to buy things with Carl’s money。
But even without spending money,There are also many things to see in the black market。
“Several respected masters,See my goods?”A businessman who looks potbellied has a wretched smile,Greeting Wright and the other four。
And behind him,There are iron cages of different sizes,In each cage there is one or several girls who are almost red。
These girls have a few gorgeous,Seeing Wright, they even showed a provocative gesture。And more are numb,I seem to lose everything in my eyes。
This is a businessman who sells women,A slave trader。
Carl sighed,Ignore this businessman,Speed up and leave here。
“Carl,Slave trade,Most of them are illegal。。。”Wright’s tone is a bit solemn。
“Most of the time without finding,All illegal。After all, the real legal slave,And only prisoners sentenced to long-term sentences,And the prisoners of war in the war,What kind of girls do you see?。But if someone really checks,You will find that they are all legal,They can always find suitable evidence to prove。”Carl shook his head,“It’s useless,The benefits of the mainland slave trade are too great,Don’t talk about us,Even the emperor of the empire can’t stop。Even if the strong sanctuary can destroy the slave organizations,It’s impossible to prevent the emergence of new slave organizations。”
“These women who were sold in the underground black market are considered acceptable among slaves.,Worth a lot of money,Unless you meet someone who is very abnormal,Otherwise you can still live safely。The poorest are the slaves sold to the mine,Can live for three years and have a long fortune teller。”
A moment of silence。All four of them are a bit passionate young people,Long-term magic practice is also purer,It’s always sad to encounter something that is unpleasant but powerless。
But the four quickly recovered,After all, there is nothing I can do,Don’t think too much,Quandang is just an episode。
Four people walked all the way,Wright doesn’t know much about the business district of the West End,But Maui learns alchemy,Burke Trial,I bought a lot of things in the business district。But they also found,The things peddled on the black market are very different from those in the commercial area。
The first is cheap,The price of the same commodity on the black market is at most 60% to 70% of the commercial area。
The second is,Underground black market,Approximately more than one-third of the goods are illegal。