“What do you mean,AMCDead?”a long time,Rosemary asked,The sound is so loud。

“99.99%Chances are dead。”Chen Geng affirmed。
Rosemary is Rosemary after all,After the initial emotions,She asked immediately:“that……we……”
Understand the meaning of Rosemary,Before she finishes,Chen Geng said:“I also considered this question,But it’s not time yet。”
It’s not time yet?
Rosemary thinks a little,I quickly understood:Yes,PresentAMCIt can be said to have attracted the attention of the entire United States,Even if Fernandez should targetAMCAny thoughts,But now is really not the time to put these ideas into action……But this does not prevent Fernandez from making a few more plans first。
Chen Geng still underestimated the extent of the sensation this incident caused in the United States.,Or,He still underestimated the extent to which capitalists have rebounded。
Not only did it not disintegrate in this Soviet Union、On the contrary, it seems to be a time of prosperity,The entire capitalist society is tight from top to bottom“The socialist Soviet Union is our life and death enemy”The moment,AMCOf workers and workers put pressure on the company and management’s forced resignation,It is easy to associate this incident with the Red Soviet:AMCWorkers and unions dare to do this kind of thing,It must be supported by the Soviet Union!
This seemingly absurd statement is not only in the American media、There is a market in public opinion,Even got the approval of countless ordinary people。
Worship the whole western world to demonize the Soviet Union for many years、Boosted by propaganda that demonizes communism and socialism,All westerners basically agree on communism and the Soviet Union:Once succeeded by the Soviet Union,Everything we have now will be taken away、Confiscated,Everything I own now will no longer exist,I have to work like a slave every day at least12Hours of work can barely get a full stomach,As for the weekend?Don’t even think about it……
and so,The communist ideology exported by the Soviet Union to the United States has become so serious.?!
In this kind of“The Soviets are here!”Under the trend of thought,Whole media、The whole society is one piece“The wolf is coming!”the sound of,Capitalists、The middle class are all terrified,I was trembling in fright,The human mind is not so calm and rational,Numerous requests to restrict trade union rights have been made(No one is stupid enough to propose restrictions on workers’ rights,After all, the cornerstone of American society is ordinary people),Many senators even clamored openly in the Senate:“To form an iron curtain of thought!”