Art Star Examination | Zhang translation interpret "Jin Dynasty", why can I act in China?

Zhang translationist.

The film is viewed for the map of the people’s network ":" Zhang Fei "This role is tailored for you? Translation: not. The character prototype named Liu Si, he is a very legendary high-gun hand. In the case of the high cannon class, he was seriously injured, and he also took a fighter. This is what people can’t imagine, because each cannon needs to prepare 7 people to turn it up. Many of the plots in "Kimangchuan" are based on real material, and the situation of the volunteer warrior is more cruel. Under extreme conditions, the spirit of fighting the Chinese soldiers is invincible is also the source of the sense of belief in my performance. People’s Net Entertainment: Among the movies, you control a high cannon with a semi-residual body, there are many difficult dramas.

Some netizens commented: there is no trace performance, and it seems impossible. Translation: It is really just "look".

This career is like a magician, the audience only looks at the performance.

Once the secret behind the magic is seen, or it is to see the performance, the whole magic has failed. Once the actor performs, it is affecting the entire movie.

Once the physical strength of the actor is turned on, or the brain is strong, it must be adjusted to the ultimate.

As for the effort or, it is our actor’s own thing.

Talk about Wu Jing: "It’s not a brother and brothers."