“Speak!”Xia Jian understands,This guy can’t hold it anymore,Staying behind for yourself。

The stand-up collar man sighed and said:“We have to pretend that nothing happened。We both go to send the film normally。You are far behind,Remember the place clearly。You can go in after we leave,Thus,We can just whitewash”
“Row,You promised your request。But you two have to be honest,If you want to play tricks,I don’t need to say the consequences,You should be clear。You should be clear about one more thing,It’s not the two of us fighting,But there is a large group of people behind”
“Even if I let you two go,My friend will never let you go。have you understood?Don’t be smart,And hurt your family”
Xia Jian deliberately told these two people that he was afraid,Let them cooperate with his actions honestly。
“See it,You are not the police!”The stand-up collar man unwillingly asked again。
Xia Jian said coldly:“Shouldn’t you know,It’s better to say less。Know too much,Will cause you unnecessary trouble,let us go!”
Xia Jian and Zhao Chunling let go of the two。The stand-up collar man sat on the ground and took a rest,Then stand up and pat the dust off,Same thing,Clean yourself up first,This helped the motorcycle that fell on the side of the road。
“Don’t follow too close,Keep a little distance”The stand-up collar man finished talking to Xia Jian,Just got in the car and went。
Zhao Chunling approached Xia Jian,Whispered:“There will be no fraud?”
“Not afraid,Even if there is a fraud, we have to follow it。Go fast!”Xia Jian finished,So he picked up his motorcycle。Zhao Chunling ran over,On the motorcycle she rode,Follow Xia Jian from afar。
I don’t know the reason for the bad road,Or stand-up collar men, they walk slowly deliberately。In short, motorcycles don’t run very fast。
These three turns and two turns,When Xia Jian finds out,The car has already a lot of roads out of the city。Suddenly the car in front turned,Going around behind a hill。
Xia Jian hurried to catch up。Round the hill,The scene behind surprised Xia Jian。Behind the hill,Turned out to be a quarry。
Bright lights in the quarry,Figure shaking,The machine keeps ringing。It’s this time,There are still people at work here,Did the night shift fail??