Baoji Golden Territory: 57 unlicensed training institutions

Original title: Baoji Jintai: Turn 57 unlicensed training institutions (Reporter Duan Chenghu) reporter recently learned from the Baoji City Golden Taiwan District Education Sports Bureau: The Golden Taiwan Education Sports Bureau gives full play to the main position of school education, strive Reduce students’ burden on education, and effectively put "double reduction" policy to practice.

  Jintai District held a "Double Reduction" and the special governance action deployment meeting of the school-pro-school training institution, formulated the implementation of the "Implementation Plan for the Special Governance Action of Primary and Secondary School Training Institutions", forming a joint law enforcement group, and constructs full governance, constructing in the jurisdictional training institutions The government is the main, the education lead, the department is associated with the same, and the family school is jointly and social participation. "

At the same time, the foreign training institution "black and white list", smooth complaint information channels, the problem of the problem reflected in the masses, ensuring the orderly advancement of "double mining" work.

At present, the discipline training institutions of the 112 volunteer stage of the Golden Taiwan District have stopped the line training, and 57 "unlicensed and unlicensed" training institutions have been shut down. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the "double minus" work, the Golden Taiwan Education Sports Bureau continues to promote mobile phones, homework, sleep, reading, physical "five management", actively implement the "Work Revolution", fully implement the post-class service; in Baoji City "Work Revolution" Demonstration School is a starting point, guiding the schools in the district, relying on the subject, and actively carrying out the "Work Revolution" to ensure the increase in the operation of students’ operation; promoting the post-class service and "three classroom" depth Fusion, guiding various primary and secondary schools in combination with the actual post-class service implementation plan to ensure full coverage of after school after September.

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