“so close,Almost deceived by this death row。”Jing Yu was also frightened in a cold sweat。

“No matter what,We have harvested a prey。”Luo Shaoyan said。
Continue to the mountains,You can see many slaves along the way。
Those slaves are ragged,Dark skin,Everyone is carrying a thick stone after another,Are carrying these rocks back down the mountain。
They don’t seem to be emotional,Even if I see outsiders walking by, I don’t have the slightest reaction,Just walk step by step。
The yellow dog has been sniffing the scent of the prisoners,Finally, what did this faithful and diligent yellow dog beast discover?,It barked,While running towards one of the quarries。
There are many slaves in the quarry,Even without a supervisor,These slaves dare not let up,If you can’t transport enough stones to the bottom of the mountain,They didn’t even have a bite,If it is not completed for two consecutive days,They will be dragged to feed those carnivorous pterosaurs!
See people dressed well,They dare not offend,Will deliberately give in,Talk to them,They also have a dull face,Seems to have lost the ability to speak。
“How dumb。”Jing Yu said in a puzzled way。
“Should be dumb,Yan people don’t need them to speak。”Luo Shaoyan said。
The yellow dog beast ran towards the quarry cave,There seems to be the smell of prisoners。
The three followed,Is planning to go into the quarry to find the prisoner,A black figure rushed up like a leopard,And knocked Luo Shaoyan’s Raptors to the ground with one punch。
Raptors can’t climb up,Luo Shaoyan just flew out。