The thin and tall man with two big golden teeth smiled:“Don’t you know each other after two cups??I advise you to learn more,Otherwise, if you lose your temper, it will be difficult to handle“

Xiao Xiao raised his brow,Suddenly pushed away a yellow hair who was blocking her and roared:“Why don’t you send me?,We don’t know“Maybe it was Xia Jian’s sudden arrival,Gave Xiao Xiao infinite energy。She shot,Which yellow hair is not paying attention,I almost fell to the ground by Xiao Xiao。
Xia Jian just remembered,Xiao Xiao and Dragon Ball,They all have kung fu。But on this occasion,Two women surrounded by a group of men,I’m still a little scared。
Thin and tall,Slurp up:“You don’t want to stand out from here?“
His voice,Shocked everyone looked over here。At the same time,From nowhere,Suddenly shout,More than a dozen yellow hairs came out。
Xia Jian took advantage of this moment,Step over,He immediately stood in front of Xiao Xiao and Dragon Ball。As the saying goes,A hundred years of cultivation,Sleep together for thousands of years。Can meet unexpectedly in the provincial capital,This is also a kind of fate。Since this kind of thing happened to him Xia Jian,How can he ignore。
Tall and thin guy sticking out a finger,Shouted around the court:“Don’t be afraid of death“His voice is like a command,More than a dozen yellow hairs suddenly came up,Surrounded Xia Jian in the middle。
The music in the disco also stopped at this moment,People who like to watch the excitement,Squeezed over here。Several staff members in the disco also rushed over immediately。
A man in a suit,Very politely squeezed in front of the tall thin man,He lowered his voice and said:“Dongge!Please give face to this matter,Missy seems to be upstairs“
“Sorry!Your eldest lady is upstairs,But our fat brother is also upstairs,This thing is done like this,It’s not easy for anyone to speak out tonight“Tall and thin,Suddenly step forward,Facing Xia Jian, he hit him with a punch。
This guy did a trick,He was obviously talking to someone,Start attacking people coldly。Fortunately, Xia Jian is extraordinary,I saw him slightly to the side,Right arm first gear。The thin and tall man’s trick turned into nothing。
No sneak attack,Instead of anger,This guy turned around,The long thin legs swept over。Just now,Xia Jian knew how many catties this person has。Don’t look at this person thin,Can be explosive,Not paying attention,Will suffer。
Don’t wait for the thin and tall foot to sweep over,Xia Jian’s foot has been stepped out like lightning。Everyone didn’t figure it out,Obviously the tall and thin guy swept towards Xia Jian with his feet,But his body is flying out,Patter fell on the floor,The sound is very crisp。
An exclamation was heard from the crowd of onlookers。Which yellow hairs saw the boss kicked out by Xia Jian,Immediately pounced on Xia Jian。Xia Jian already knew that it would be impossible to leave tonight,He gave Xiao Xiao a big push,Then move forward。Right fist and left palm,Serial shot。
A few yellow hairs near him,Before I knew it, he was hit twice by Xia Jian。At this time, the dragon ball also attacked from the side,Xiao Xiao does not show weakness,The little purse in her hand was violently danced by her。
The situation on the court suddenly changed,A dozen or so yellow hairs surround one man and two women,Don’t have the upper hand for a while。Instead, Xia Jian used the opportunity,Put down a few yellow hairs that were at the back。
Xia Jian saw Xiao Xiao and Dragon Ball were also involved,He just came here for a while,Put on his own feet。Pause time,With the scream,The yellow hair in front of him fell down a lot。The remaining few,Keep going back,But no one dared to go up。
At this time,There was a loud roar from the terrace on the second floor:“Stop me!“The sound made an echo in the whole hall。
Everyone looked up,It’s like seeing a flood beast,It fell apart。Xia Jian was also surprised,He knows that a great character is out,But he didn’t expect,This powerful character makes everyone so afraid of him。
With the boom,A chubby guy walking down the stairs on the second floor,This man has five short stature,The head is as light as an electric bulb。Wait until approached,Xia Jian discovered that this person is at least forty years old。