“Peng!”Endless light and power,Ernst’s rays of light gave a sudden shock,The entire top floor of the ship burst open,Dozens of figures shoot straight into the sky like sharp arrows,The hull of this large building shattered。

“it is good、it is good,Koland·Gaskell,Wright?You hide so deep!”Ernst gritted his teeth,Koland just hit,Actually gave him a little threat,This shows that since the last match,Koland has made a little progress,And Wright’s blow,It killed a subordinate that he valued very much。
Wright and Koland looked at each other,Simultaneous shot,Koland pounces on Ernst,And Wright’s figure flickered,Turn towards‘Seraph’。The plan for the two is simple,First, the fast Koland entangles Ernst,Wright quickly cleared and killed the three strongest under the Holy See Ernst,Then the two joined forces against Ernst。
at the same time,Many sanctuary powerhouses in the royal camp have also found their opponents,Although the sanctuary powerhouses of these noble factions were more or less seduced by Pope Ernst’s promise,But it’s already at war,Not much hesitation。As a sanctuary,These decisions are still there。
Palmer·Manda took a few sanctuary powerhouses with outstanding speed,The second strongest who stopped the Holy See of Light‘Desiree’!Although there is no formation like angel battle formation,,But they are all old friends who have been together for more than a thousand years,Tacit understanding,Haunted the sanctuary pinnacle, a very strong master。
Goody and Charlie join forces to face the leader of the fanatic, Lie。The two of them have amazing defenses,One person owns the artifact,Although Lie is stronger than either of the two,But was dragged into a disadvantage with the cooperation of the two
Cecilia holding a scimitar,Stopped the man in black robe,The hidden sanctuary powerhouse。Practicing for eight years in a mini-space secret room,Cecilia also understood the law of water【Ice front mysterious】,Condensed ice on the surface of the scimitar,Dragon scale covering on body surface,The blue-cyan scales are also covered with a very thin layer of ice,Give her a strong defense。Knife light,It’s so hard that this black robe sanctuary dodges,But this black robe sanctuary is not too weak,Body shape transformed into phantoms,Cecilia only got the upper hand for a while。
Many noble factions have fifteen strong sanctuary,Twelve sanctuary ascetics who joined forces against the Holy See of Light,Fanatics and Cardinals。By contrast,The power of the Holy See is stronger,More determined,Not hesitate to trade injury for injury,But the royal family has more powerhouses,And the cooperation is also very tacit。
“Roar~~~”A terrible roar。I saw in the sky,The dragon with its wings spread over 100 meters dived down。The body of the dragon is covered with silver scales,Gorgeous in the sun,But weirdly have two heads,Spit a silver flame,Go straight to many sanctuary powerhouses,Want to be caught off guard。
Sanctuary Warcraft,Mutant Double Headed Silver Dragon。
Baihe underwater,One head is tens of meters long,Black all over,Only the giant bear with a purple pattern on its chest suddenly rose into the air,Stopped in front of the double-headed silver dragon,The black halo resists the flame,The strong bear paw pats the double-headed silver dragon,At the same time, one of the heads of the silver dragon slammed into the giant bear’s arm,Two huge monsters start a fierce melee battle。
Simultaneously,A black giant python also sneaked from behind the silver dragon,Biting a head of the double-headed silver dragon。
And on the ground,A leopard full of thunder and lightning,A speed showdown with a big cat surrounded by the breeze。The speed of a leopard and a cat is far beyond the peak power of the sanctuary,Like blue thunder and cyan wind chasing and colliding with each other。
And in the sky,The white Peng eagle with its wings spread for about ten meters stares at the opposite side, covered under the scales,Black strange bird with teeth in its beak,Both sides are shining with black and white light,Clash with each other,Feathers more than a few meters long float down。