“I Earth Human、Infinite Palace、The world tree is flourishing。”

“Especially my earth,Hong and I、Thor、Luo Feng Rise of Four,The contemporaries don’t look particularly good,Even the guy from Thor can’t keep up。But I didn’t expect that after the appearance of the Six Holy Peaks universe,Actually show in batches‘Latecomer advantage’。”
“The generation of our three old guys,Seven or eight masters of the universe were born,Only Thor has become a true god。Luo Feng’s generation,Yang Wu、Yan Yi、Wei Wen and Luo Feng’s brother,They were all very humble little guys,Even those who become martial artists bump into each other,I didn’t expect some of them to become true gods now,The rest also has the potential to step into the true god in this age of reincarnation。”
“Unless there is another world beast catastrophe or a disaster of the same level after countless rebirths,Otherwise my human race、My earth and human beings will prosper incomparably!”
Looking at the smoothly rotating small universe,The smile on Li Ming’s mouth is getting bigger and bigger。
Since the gene reached a million times,Step into the true god,He put almost all his energy and thoughts
In the past half year,His avatar met many people。
Growing all the way from the earth,Countless strong men in Nirvana period。
Some friends he met in the virtual universe company。
There are brothers whom he met under the teacher of True God Longxing。
Under the command of the infinite palace,Countless strong men born of reincarnation。
There is a world tree created by him, children。
“No worries,Really carefree!”
“Have to say regret,Did not marry a wife and leave offspring。”