Li Yan returned to Fang Yu again,Said deeply。

This time,She has a good tone!
“Let’s go!”
Fang Yu knows that dad is watching,I can’t refuse。
“I can handle it here……You can come back later!”
Fang Deyun watched his son leave,Said with a smile。
son,I’m going to be happy!
“Why did you agree again?”
After driving away,Li Yan said strangely。
“My dad thinks okay!”
Fang Yu slowly said。
“That’s it……”
Li Yan thought Fang Yu changed his mind。
But never thought,It’s Fang Yu’s father!
but,She was scolded just now。
Okay,Fang Yu is willing to come。
Otherwise, she has to bear the scolding from President Hu……
I came to the private room scheduled with President Hu。
Li Yan retired!
“Don’t be too formal……what do you want to eat……Just order!”