If a drop of blood can swallow all attacks,That is still invincible。

Even hit the white beard with the attack of the white beard。
“Is there an upper limit for devouring attacks??”
Green Bull nodded:“Have,As long as my blood is drained, this ability will disappear!”
Leo thought about it for a while and then said:“Try to take my slash!”
Green Bull looks at Leo,Nod。
What he hopes most is that he can always stand beside Leo,No matter what opponent you face。
“Boss,You do it,I’m ready!”
Hardly moved,Green Bull opened the mouth directly。
“My ability is almost an instinct,I usually don’t need to urge it!”
Leo answered,Then use 30% of the power to swing a slash。
Such an attack,The previous Green Bull can resist it all。
And the strength of Green Bull has obviously changed,It must be easier to resist。
Green Bull looked at Leo’s sword spirit,Raise his hand slightly。
Something surprising happened,That sword aura seemed to pass through the body of Green Bull。
Can not be said to be completely through,That sword aura is missing a part,The missing part is about the same size as Green Bull。