Beibei District has achieved full coverage of rural domestic garbage classification

  Xinhuanet Chongqing November 12th (to Jincheng) In order to improve the level of rural domestic garbage governance, improve the rural domestic garbage collection system, improve the operation and management system and supervision system. This year, Beibei District accelerates the short board for rural domestic garbage collection facilities and equipment, promoting the full coverage of rural domestic garbage treatment system, and promoting the full improvement of rural resolution strategies and rural homage environment continues to improve.

  Strengthen the organization and assessment, comprehensively promote the classification of domestic garbage self-living garbage, the Beibei District quickly established the leading group of the living garbage classification work in the main leadership of the district government, and 101 administrative villages involved in farming towns. The Secretary of the Party Branch is the team leader’s village-level domestic garbage classification leading group, and the party members are dominated, and 513 guides and garbage classification service specialists are selected for the villages and society.

At the same time, I also created the "Northern Harmonic Wednesday harmful garbage concentrated on the day", with the "harmful garbage of the tourism" "harmful garbage all district concentrated disposal", realizing the all-district rural domestic garbage classification The disposal system is fully covered.

All administrative villages have been deployed in the whole district, formulating the national category of public garbage sorting villages, and signed a collection service enterprise by category. Since 2018, the Beibei District built 42 municipal-level domestic garbage sorted demonstration villages, and Xiang Feng Village, Taojie Street, Dongsheng Village, Liuyin Town, and Chengjiang Town, Beiquan Village, etc. In the 2020, the rural garbage classification tripartite is in the top, The proportion of harmless treatment rates and effective governance of rural domestic garbage in the whole district, effective governance of population coverage, and domestic waste classification coverage has reached 100%.

  Strengthening training publicity, practicing garbage classification "new fashion" has been organized this year, and the Beibei District has jointly organized the "Scenario Site" "Rural Domestic Waste Classification in the District" "Biyu District Rural Domestic Waste Classification Works" Law enforcement training , Build a grassroots exchange platform.

  At the same time, the towns of each street also combined with the "Civilized City" "Creative City Create" "Rural Revitalization" and other series of themes, relying on the party membership meeting, the village representative, the hospital dam, the elderly association, etc. actively carry out garbage sorting "into the countryside, Entering the dam, entering the farmers, forming a good atmosphere of national participation. In addition, in the classification of urban and rural areas, the Beibei District further improved the "New Rural Image System of Domestic Waste Classification", with the famous attractions and customs of the villages, the main pattern of customs, and developed a batch of cultured products. In the rural garbage classification, the villagers accumulate gift customization, etc.