“2000Times、3000Times!”Li Ming’s speed has stalled,Not that the will has reached its limit,But feel to go further,A little too conspicuous。

“3000Time flow rate,Although this level of will impact is a bit pressure,But it’s just a little pressure。”
Li Ming’s feeling now,As if hundreds of thousands of years ago,My boyhood—wrong,Should be billions of years ago,My first life is still on that ordinary earth,I feel a bit heavy on my body when practicing boxing。
under pressure,But it can be easily overcome。
“It seems,My will should be comparable to those three。”Li Ming thought to himself,“Which is comparable to the will of the strongest!”
Actually this is not surprising,When Li Ming restored his previous life in Panlong universe,Actually also inherited Panlong Universe as‘Wright’The will of the time。
Panlong universe,The rules are indeed much simpler than eating the starry universe。
On the Profound Techniques,Even the upper god of Dzogchen,It is also comparable to the ultimate secret technique that devours the immortal level of the starry universe,In other words, the threshold comparable to the Venerable Secret Technique。
The only one beyond this level,Li Ming、The three masters of fate and destruction。
But this is also a universe after all,Worse than the original universe,But compared to those miniature universes,Perfect and more than a little bit。
As the main god,Wright at his peak(Li Ming),Be regarded as the most noble existence in the Panlong universe,The birth of Godhead alone,Or the special feature of Panlong universe‘Willpower’Blessing,Has long made Li Ming’s will reach an incredible level。
“My will now,Should be regarded as the strongest level in the universe,However, among the Lords of the Universe, there are very few who can match the strongest in the universe.,It’s normal to suddenly see the Lord of the universe,But suddenly there appeared a master of the universe whose will is comparable to the strongest,And the divine body of the Lord of the universe is only a thousand times(Li Ming’s demon killer clone deliberately changed to show this level of aura,In fact, Li Ming’s He Ling clone and Demon Killer clone could not reach the level of a hundred times the master of the universe.)The Lord of the universe will pay attention to me。”
“In fact,I have already received the attention of some cosmic masters!”Li Ming has noticed the sight of several universe masters。
“Now this area pretends to be sharpened for a hundred years,Pretending to break through the bottleneck of will。。。So it’s not so noticeable—hope so。”
Second cycle era,The Lord of Thunder of Special Life frowned,Although he is a special life,Actually took refuge in the Zerg of the Second Universe Age。The Zerg in the second era is also the pinnacle,Nature can shelter him。
And he,Naturally, it will not be as leisurely as those lonely masters of the universe。