A touch of ice-cold appeared in Jin Guanxiao’s eyes,Behind the Golden Battle Emperor Law.
Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty Three:Be cute,Blood Secret!
“Take a ghost!”
“I won’t be slapped to death by her.。。。”
Fuming heard the words and mumbled,This killing god sits behind him like this,I’m really worried。
Xiaomeng disdain:“Look at you,The four words lonely and old are for you!”
“Go your way honestly,So much nonsense!”Fuming glanced,And he straightened up,Try to keep a distance from this blood clot!
Long past,Fu Ming saw the bloody light floating in the sky directly ahead,Immediately patted Xiao Mengdao:“Can stop!”
Xiaomeng nodded slightly.
Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty Four:Five Pin Medicine,Extremely cheap
Fuming even sighed and shook his head,Just this bravery that only relies on the same line to guard this place,How many people can be crushed to death!
The blood clotted flower then said:“Now tens of thousands of years have passed,People from both families are constantly studying the essence of this blood evil,Developed a pill,Used to resist the blood evil attacking the body!”
“What pill?”