Qingdao Laixi City "Three Careers" to do a good job in institutional reform "second half article"

  In order to further consolidate and deepen the achievements of institutional reform, promote the construction of the cooperative and efficient institutional function, and implement the "Regulations on Preparation of the Communist Party Agency". The Qingdao Laixi Municipal Committee has used a variety of means to carry out the institutional reform "look back" , Do a […]

Today, three consecutive years of Mid-Autumn Festival "Five Moon Fifteen Rounds"

Original title: Today, three consecutive years of Mid-Autumn Festival "Five Moon Fifteen Circles": How to reward? How to shoot? September 21, Mid-Autumn Festival. Astronomical Science Experts introduced that after three consecutive years of Mid-Autumn Festival, the 16th round of the 16th round, this year, the public can appreciate the most round moon in the Lunar […]

Social rescue work performance apprait Guiyang for 8 consecutive years

During the guarantee of the poverty, the party membership volunteers (right) to the villagers to learn about the "Interim Measures for Social Rescue", the Social Rescue Interim Measures, and the Provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Provincial Department of Finance issued 2020 Social Assistance Work Performance Assessment The situation is notified, Guiyang City once again received […]

Shenyang: Iron barrel prevention and control puts the import of cold chain food safety

Original title: Visiting Shenyang storage imported cold chain food No. 1 fixed-point cold storage – in order to ensure imported cold chain food safety, Shenyang City strictly implements imported cold chain food concentration isolation storage method, implementing iron barrel prevention and control on fixed-point cold storage, ensuring access Goods safety. How to prevent control? How […]

The Taxation Bureau of Qinhuangdao Development Zone continued to deepen the "Knowledge Pioneer · Geeng Team" party building brand

In the key investment promotion project, the bureau established the "Investment Promotion Tax Service Liaison Group", specializing in the value-added tax measurement model, and returning to the tax preferential policies, high-tech enterprise policies, migration processing and other related businesses Setting up, providing the relevant departments of the management committee, taxpayers provide timely and accurate policy […]

Practice diligence and savage

Recently, the Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council issued the "Food Symposium", requiring the saving of the food system chain to save damage, resolutely curb the waste of catering consumption, and strengthen the dining dining of official activities, highlight comrades with Xi Jinping as the core. The […]

Responsible body color, Your peer – a letter from Chongqing’s body color

  The majority of citizens: China’s sports lottery is responsible for responsibility, because of responsibility. As a member of the sports color big family, Chongqing Sports always keeps the value concept of "public welfare body color responsibility first", and regards social responsibility as part of thinking and practical. In the process of practicing a lottery concept, […]

The China Petroleum Conference Communication Chain has caused 9 people infection, 5 cases with high epidemic homology in Beijing

  Jilin, Beijing New Report of China’s Petroleum Conference is new. As of 24:00 on November 11, the epidemic has caused Jilin and a total of 9 people in Beijing. On November 12th, the Beijing CDC reported that as of November 11th, the seven associated infected people reported in Beijing have completed 5 cases of diagnosis […]