“2000Times、3000Times!”Li Ming’s speed has stalled,Not that the will has reached its limit,But feel to go further,A little too conspicuous。

“3000Time flow rate,Although this level of will impact is a bit pressure,But it’s just a little pressure。” Li Ming’s feeling now,As if hundreds of thousands of years ago,My boyhood—wrong,Should be billions of years ago,My first life is still on that ordinary earth,I feel a bit heavy on my body when practicing boxing。 under pressure,But it […]

Wang Youcai really admires the five bodies that Lu Liming admires。You said such a powerful character,Why do you live like this??

When signing the contract,The fat old man made a condition,She asked Wang Youcai and Doctor Lu to keep this contract confidential,So I can’t tell anyone。This matter is for Wang Youcai,Is a very simple thing。 After the contract is printed,Wang Youcai watched it twice,Found no problem,So I signed my name on it。Then he took out his […]

She turned out a comment to the camera’s camera,Significant tone:“Miss,Dongcheng at home,Operate three large supermarkets,This is your home.?”

“good!” Yu Qing’s Answered,For your own life,She doesn’t hide,Those social platforms,Have her。 Gu Ai’an suddenly put the phone to the camera.,Look at Qing,Tears fall in an instant,“Miss Yu Qing,In my Weibo,Have your message,Still a blessing message,You know that Lu Gong and I have already got a marriage certificate.,But you”Gu Anan wants to say,Low,The crystal clear […]

he asks:“What is thinking??”

Le Yu Yizhen,Looking at him smiling:“You think of。” Relling:“Laughing?” Le Yu:“”Hermed her。 She still thought that this man would be smart.。 “In the hospital?” Le Yu is not angry, answering him。 Lei Ling always feels a special。 At this time,Surprise sound from outside the door。 “Gather,She is specially pregnant with twins,I am this old.,Too special […]

“so close,Almost deceived by this death row。”Jing Yu was also frightened in a cold sweat。

“No matter what,We have harvested a prey。”Luo Shaoyan said。 …… Continue to the mountains,You can see many slaves along the way。 Those slaves are ragged,Dark skin,Everyone is carrying a thick stone after another,Are carrying these rocks back down the mountain。 They don’t seem to be emotional,Even if I see outsiders walking by, I don’t have […]

“Speak!”Xia Jian understands,This guy can’t hold it anymore,Staying behind for yourself。

The stand-up collar man sighed and said:“We have to pretend that nothing happened。We both go to send the film normally。You are far behind,Remember the place clearly。You can go in after we leave,Thus,We can just whitewash” “Row,You promised your request。But you two have to be honest,If you want to play tricks,I don’t need to say the […]

A pair carved in special metal,The unbreakable secret pattern is fixed in this ruin。

once,This is the place where many experts in the universe have comprehended,But with the emergence of the Fourth Jedi,No one cares here soon。 As for the world beast catastrophe,,There is no strong one going。 But at the moment,Below this secret pattern,But there is a dark figure。 This figure,Extremely evil,With a pair of black horns soaring […]

“Peng!”Endless light and power,Ernst’s rays of light gave a sudden shock,The entire top floor of the ship burst open,Dozens of figures shoot straight into the sky like sharp arrows,The hull of this large building shattered。

“it is good、it is good,Koland·Gaskell,Wright?You hide so deep!”Ernst gritted his teeth,Koland just hit,Actually gave him a little threat,This shows that since the last match,Koland has made a little progress,And Wright’s blow,It killed a subordinate that he valued very much。 Wright and Koland looked at each other,Simultaneous shot,Koland pounces on Ernst,And Wright’s figure flickered,Turn towards‘Seraph’。The plan […]