And at this moment。

In the Dean’s Office。 Dean Chang is teaching Li Chengke。 Jackson’s matter,Almost ruined the golden sign of their hospital。Jackson is their most important part now……There can be no accidents! “Go out!” Reprimanded for a while,Director Chang is tired too,Commanded。 Simultaneously,Seeing Ruan Wu come in。 “what’s up?” Dean Chang,Asked。 “Fang Yu,came back!I saw Dr. Bi talk […]

“I Earth Human、Infinite Palace、The world tree is flourishing。”

“Especially my earth,Hong and I、Thor、Luo Feng Rise of Four,The contemporaries don’t look particularly good,Even the guy from Thor can’t keep up。But I didn’t expect that after the appearance of the Six Holy Peaks universe,Actually show in batches‘Latecomer advantage’。” “The generation of our three old guys,Seven or eight masters of the universe were born,Only Thor has […]

Li Yina,Her mood will not be good,And this time I saw Li Yina,She obviously felt the changes of Li Yina,She seems to be different from before.。

NS716chapter:She also fights again And Lu Haocheng in their private room,Blue Xin and Lu Hao Cheng are sitting together,at this time,Finding table food is not your interest。 Her ear carefully listened to the conversation between two men,Let Lanthen unexpected,Li Guangz is actually only the real estate tycoon under Dad.,This time,Lu Haocheng uses a project,Justice with […]

Originally because of the original,Chu Deirers don’t think,This“Qiankun a gas bag”Toughness will be a problem,But……

Now Zhang Wuji is not a hard work,Subject to Jiuyang Hengqiu,But unknown reason“high”,It has deviated from the creation of the breakthrough,Especially this Qiankun agar bag,Actually the fare-sakou skin,This Chu Deiren is even more。 “How much can this thing??”Chu Deirers can’t ask。 “I don’t know this.,I am making it‘Qiankun a gas bag’Later,I have never been so […]

Ding Lao Er and Hu Luze have always been at odds,He naturally doesn’t care about Hu Luze’s life and death,Just looking at the yard below,Whispered:“In the small space below,Chen Xiu, this kid desperately detonated more than 20 grenades,He should have killed himself!”

“You are dead,I won’t die!” The smoke gradually dissipated,I saw that Chen Xiu was holding the dying Hu Luze with both hands as a shield,Hu Luze’s body is full of grenade fragments,The wound is already purulent。 “old road!” The friendship between Guan Jing and Hu Luze for hundreds of years,Seeing an old friend so tortured […]

“Nothing,I didn’t plan to go back to Lichuan now,There are still some things to deal with。Little don’t win newlyweds,Grandmother is dying,It happened suddenly,They really have to go back。”Zhu Minglang said。

“what?They keep telling me,Be sure to explain the route they walked to you in detail,I’m afraid you are going the wrong way,Can’t meet them,I can tell,Ladies are not used to your absence。”Hu Bailing said seriously。 “They are not as weak as they look。”Zhu Minglang smiled。 Don’t worry,If Li Yunzi has woken up,With her resourcefulness and […]

More than a dozen heavily armed police,Quickly subdued these guys。When the police put them all in the police car,Xia Jianfa discovered,The police officer turned out to be Captain Tong of the Interpol。

Captain Tong also recognized Xia Jian,He laughed and said:“President Xia!why is it you again,You can just go to work in our criminal police team” “Who told me to have bad luck,Always bumping into these bad things。Why did you call the police again??It seems that we two are really destined”Xia Jian was laughing,Walked over,Shook hands with […]

The thin and tall man with two big golden teeth smiled:“Don’t you know each other after two cups??I advise you to learn more,Otherwise, if you lose your temper, it will be difficult to handle“

Xiao Xiao raised his brow,Suddenly pushed away a yellow hair who was blocking her and roared:“Why don’t you send me?,We don’t know“Maybe it was Xia Jian’s sudden arrival,Gave Xiao Xiao infinite energy。She shot,Which yellow hair is not paying attention,I almost fell to the ground by Xiao Xiao。 Xia Jian just remembered,Xiao Xiao and Dragon Ball,They […]


A touch of ice-cold appeared in Jin Guanxiao’s eyes,Behind the Golden Battle Emperor Law. ———— Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty Three:Be cute,Blood Secret! “Take a ghost!” “I won’t be slapped to death by her.。。。” Fuming heard the words and mumbled,This killing god sits behind him like this,I’m really worried。 Xiaomeng disdain:“Look at you,The four words […]

This way,She is only responsible for staring at Li Tianchou,Report at any time even if the task is completed,As long as the other party does not violate the general principles and national laws,Shen Yingjie basically won’t interfere。

And Shen Yingjie also knows,Even if you want to interfere,With her current strength, she seems to have more than enough energy,She also has a very strong curiosity,I really want to see the reaction of this once lonely hero in the face of many crises,Very exciting。 A very cool sports car parked by the marble white […]