“That’s good。”

Blue Neville in his arms,At this moment, I can really experience the feeling of falling in love.。 Lu Haozheng bowed,Gently drop a kiss on her head,Such scene,Has been a luxury,Now really happened,He is very happy。 Thinking of her last night,“after,you are mine。” His lips hooked a smile of evil spirits。 “Blue,I forgot to say a […]

“Thinking about her father’s death,Has nothing to do with me,What do you want to do?Fang Na,I warn you not to mess around!”Ye Boping lowered his voice,Nervously watching people around。

“You got the initial fee for that store,Over one hundred thousand,I forgot how excited I was?You have never seen a wad of cash,Over 100,000,You can’t earn more than 100,000。”Fang Na holds her chin up,Smug。 “I didn’t take a cent。”Ye Boping stared at Fang Na with gritted teeth。 “Correct,You didn’t get a penny,but,I ran away with […]

Saw the Yuntai Spirit Eye,So I looked for a way from Yuntai Ling’s eyes,Instead of blindly ingesting one by one aura like others。

“It seems your source of spiritual realm,I also pushed a handful of Xiao Baiqi’s growth progress。”Mr. Koi said。 “Thanks to Mr. Koi for reminding,Laid a good foundation for Xiao Bai Qi。”Zhu Minglang said。 I have to be confused,It is estimated that Xiaobai has reached the end,The cultivation base is only at the quasi-jun level and […]

“Yes,Joy?I remember?I will go find them.?Then our first task is to kill Ji Yunqing??”

“Correct!He but the iron traitor,After the devil entered the city, he sent this bunion.,I can’t wait for the devil to reward him.,This person will die!And he is one of the more important characters in the green,Kill him can warn those who want to be traitors,It can also be shocked.,After killing him,Zhang Xiaolin is your next […]

“well said,We mainly eat“Xia Jian smiled,And ate it。

Several women see this,Started rushing to eat,The atmosphere was very lively for a while。 Wang Degui who woke up early,Exercised in the yard,And started cleaning the yard。Chen Yueqin just getting up,Took a look at my wife,A little surprised:“Yo!Old man,Is this the sun rising from the west?!You haven’t done this job for some years“ “Hey!Don’t say […]

Xia Jian glanced at Xi Zhen,Smiled slightly:“It almost turned on when I went to bed last night,So you go find me,I don’t even know,There is nothing to ask”

“Deceive!The chimney in your room doesn’t smoke at all,Explain that your fire is sealed,Such a cold day,How can I sleep without turning on the stove?”Xi Zhen said and smiled,Her smile is a little weird。Xia Jian was speechless to refute,When feeling embarrassed,Han Juan pushed the gate and walked in。 She held three pairs of rain in […]

“He didn’t know that he received your favor!”

Li Jiacheng was even more surprised and puzzled,Even more surprised:“Who is worthy of your care?” He Rongsheng and Guo Yingdong laughed and said nothing。 “Could it be……” A terrible thought came to Li Jiacheng,He fingered the ceiling and said:“Is he the first one……” He Rongsheng knew he misunderstood,Shook his head and said:“Is not!” “Not the […]

Although there is fear in my heart,Chen Xiu didn’t slow down,Double palm launch,Facing Wei Kai’s palm。

“Bang!” Two palms collide together。 With this palm, Chen Xiu put all his strength into it,I already used a trace of the eighth-grade zhenqi in my body,Beat Wei Kai,Grunt,Go back,Numbness and pain in the whole arm。 Chen Xianxian wants to win and pursue,The masked man is chasing。 “Can’t be so entangled with them for so […]

“I ask you a question.!You feel……Which of me and Weidi you prefer?”

Francis looks at the birds in the sky,Whisper。 “Why do you ask this question??” “nothing,Be curious!” “He is my best friend!And you……You should know that God is not a so-called love.!” Wen Di suddenly laughed,Laugh。 “Really?Then you talk about it.,What is the relationship between our two now??” Francis is a little confused,Then asked very seriously。 […]