An undifferentiated defense system composed of various blasting traps and heavy firepower nets,Unless someone who can master the law,otherwise,Everyone is dead!

———— Chapter 960 Army pressure In the city,The hurried drum of war was beaten,These trembling warriors put on their armor under the leadership of the new commander,Equipped with their own weapons,Came to this mighty military stand,Qi Er and a group of elders standing on the military platform wearing golden or silver armor,Look at the soldiers […]

He is not a saint,There are the emotions and sorrows of normal people,She can understand how he feels now,If you are deceived by your favorite person,The reaction should be stronger than him。

Understanding is one thing,Acceptance is another matter,Yangliu is considerate,Reasonable is true,but,She is a woman after all,Sometimes fragile,Left on wedding night,Or because this is the reason,The reason why it’s nothing。 Anyway,They are already husband and wife,Names have been written together,Is the oath made just to follow the trend,Gone with the wind?? The most important thing between […]

A leopard hesitates,After all, I have suffered a lot,Just say:“Don’t add it when it’s almost done?”

The girl with good figure asks the pretty girl:“Of course I listened to Brother Leopard,But you have no money if you lose,I have to use my body,Have to pay the debt immediately,So how much depends on you。” The girl hesitated and said:“That won’t work,I put myself together!” Abao said:“Then you have more,How much to add。” […]

To know,Old Zhang was forced to death by Qin Feng。Such people are actually official?Was called the chief by the detective?

Su Rou always feels that this world is full of malice。 Qin Feng,Who are you? “Haqiu——”Qin Feng in the villa sneezed,“How do you feel that some people want to harm me?” ———— Chapter One Hundred Zhang Qiang Dinner time that day,Originally, there were many takeaways at home,But today Qin Feng unexpectedly discovered,Su Rou actually cooked […]

That day,At the close,Watching1738.74Point of the way·Jones Industrial Index and201.5Standard & Poor’s500index,Ji Shengcheng muttered:“crazy……crazy……”

Although this round of plummeting has made myself full of profits,But Ji Shengcheng was still shocked by the crazy downward momentum:Single channel·Jones Industrial Index has22.6%The drop,Yidao·Jones Industrial Index for reference,Down this day,Conservative estimates of the evaporating market value of the US stock market are also5000Over 100 million US dollars…… “Why don’t you kill those bastard […]

Another third order,Is now the lord of the Great Qin Empire,Hu Hai,The youngest son of Yingzheng,Zhao Gao ignored that much,Anyway, he did it for the sunrise,Life at sunset is very satisfying,and,Since Hu Hai came to this world,I am afraid,The original history of this world has changed,Will he be born after more than two thousand years,It’s hard to predict。

Anyway,Now he is satisfied with his sister Xiaoyue,He will never be alone anymore,If you can’t go back, you won’t go back。 “Brother,Are you thirsty??Xiaoyue get you water。” at this time,Xiaoyue, who was weeding next to her, seemed to be thirsty when she saw her brother,Said with a smile,Then happily ran to the wooden house。 “Satsuki,Run […]

text Chapter Fifty Six decision

? Lu Menglin also wanted to ask this uncle about the situation in Beijing,If you want to submit the report materials,Is it sent directly to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection or the State Textile Bureau?? After a few more greetings with editor Hu Yiming in the hotel lobby,Lu Menglin decided to go back to […]


The sword swept across Old Lu’s body,Just avoid the invisible sword energy,The palm is firmly slapped on the sword,Drive the surrounding blood to disperse。 Both back at the same time,Then there is a short break。 I can’t fight like this anymore,Because the longer the time, the worse for Xia Chenglong。 The battle at this moment […]

Beigongwang at this moment,Look blank,Half of my shoulder was crushed,Limp,But it doesn’t even hurt。

Everyone saw him so miserable,Can’t help but feel miserable。 Bei Gongwang’s injuries,At first glance, he was injured by the huge force of the ruling,And it’s so late,He appeared in the courtyard of Changhe in Beigong,Itself is a loophole。 Everyone knows that after Bei Gongwang came back from the Cow Demon Hall,Stupid!How could he appear here? […]

Police officer is embarrassed,Thought for a while,Keep saying:“Or else,How much does the little girl’s medical expenses,Out of us,how about it?”

Get!Even if you pay for yourself,I don’t want to make the problem bigger。 however,they do not know,This has been posted online,Soon it caused heated discussion among netizens。It’s been 30 or 40 years since reform and opening up,National power is second only to the United States,The bones are still soft,It’s not sensible! Everyone accused the police […]