What’s more,There are many people who are not pleasing to Mousen,Wish he had a problem,Now just to take advantage of the chaos,Natural response。

“Won!Hehe!we won!Hurry up and help buddies up!My waist is about to break。”Wei Xiaoxing has a full face Excited,Even moaning so vigorously。 He Bu is still forced,But he quickly ran to his friend Wei Xiaoxing,Lifted the opponent up gently。 Heard the thunderous cheers of the audience,Maosen was taken aback for a while,A little overwhelming,Then he rushed […]

He Bu had already jumped to the end,Suddenly there is an ice step under my feet,Tap on toe,The whole person is like a bird,Soar,Killed the magician’s back。

The black-robed mage was surprised,Surprised by Wei Xiaoxing’s condensation into ice,It shows that this human child has a very strong affinity with magic elements,Even surpassed my own archmage。 To know,Although he can perform the Great Wall of Fire,Or even summon a meteor shower,Use the fire element in the void to kill the enemy and destroy […]

Not only that,This knife also chopped off at least a thousand catties of meat,Crashed off,Add blood to a river,It’s like a well fountain,Flying down。

The power of this knife,Make everyone look dumbfounded。 They all know Lord Wu Hao is very strong,I don’t know that he will be so powerful to such an exaggerated level。 If it weren’t for the immortal god of the ancient pan,,Immortal,I’m afraid that such a ferocious big move will explode a few more times,Hacked it […]

“why?Why are there skeleton soldiers in Chiyue Canyon?And behind it was a Moon Demon Spider?”

These four gang leaders,Of course they know the moon spider,This strange dark monster,Usually lives in the deepest part of Chiyue Canyon,Rarely appear on the periphery。 And in fact,There are very few gods who have actually seen moon spiders,Because most of them died,Only a few people can survive the attack of the Moon Demon Spider,And it’s […]

Baiqi said:“What are you doing?Sensational!If you know in your heart that we are all great people。”

“And it’s really great,Then arrange the time we go back to play well,And then,Eat and drink,Must do the best。” “Let us relax and treat us well so that we can see your sincerity,Now you know?” White chess is an easy。I know people who are angry like this。After Lin Yuna said something,,He immediately activated the atmosphere。 […]

it’s good now,Suddenly someone called the door。And killed several disciples of the Miyamoto family。This has reached the edge of tolerance of several masters。If another disciple of the Miyamoto family is killed,They no longer hide,Will come out to deal with the so-called prince of the grain consortium。

How,Today’s scene is a bit awkward。No one even knows what kind of response to make。Qin Feng didn’t mean to speak,But Haruko and others have no backbone,They all looked at Futian。The look in my eyes seems to say:It’s up to you! Where can Futian dare to decide easily?!Because it represents the future of their Miyamoto family,Even […]

Did not look back, just made a relieved gesture to Yao Yao three people,Slowly come to Gao Ya,The little girl instinctively wanted to hide behind Xiang Chen,But the bondage of the police uncle,Make her immobile。

“Why steal something?” Xiang Chen squatted in front of elegance,No need to ask the police around you about the situation,Looking at the bread held tightly in Gao Ya’s hand,Xiang Chen can already guess a frame。 Gao Ya pursed her mouth without speaking,Xiang Chen waited for a long time without waiting for the voice he wanted,Finally […]

In fact, he doesn’t feel much about the fake couple Tao Zhenzhen has always said,Did not refute or even agreed,Because I don’t feel angry,Also because of this woman’s reputation。He never thought about divorce or anything,If you want a divorce in the countryside, you don’t want to die?Even if she has a bad reputation,The old lady will not tolerate such things happening。

As for what to do in the future, he didn’t actually think about it,But he is watching him coldly these days,She is not as unbearable as the legend。Even Aunt Li, the oldest woman with a long tongue in the village, has a good relationship with her,He doesn’t know what he thinks,What else she said“Fake couple”This […]

Hit later,The child has learned well。Two coins in the morning,Three coins in the afternoon,Leave quickly after playing,And his record is usually one coin can kill 20 or 30 opponents,It’s really amazing。

Fortunately, he really likes to play such fighting games,So it’s just endless joy,Stick to it every day,Just want to fight。 Such a high-intensity battle,It also further tempered the kids’ King of Fighters skills,He is getting better and better。 In the first week,Xiaosiyan and the others take turns in battle,Can rely on the wheel to win […]

“Hey……Kid,Didn’t you hear what Brother Lin said?,Stop breaking your leg again。”

The younger brother behind Lin Lao San also yelled。 They dare to do this because they have never seen Xia Chenglong,So in their impression this person has no backstage。 Since there is no backstage,It’s not as simple as pinching an ant。 “Kid,I advise you to keep your business off,Do you know who is standing in […]