Today, I’m seeing a pair of lovely couples.,Lu Hao Cheng and Blue Xin have a very happy couple,Cooperation is also very easy to achieve。

halfway,Blue Xin said a sentence“Feel sorry”Later,Get up to the bathroom。 She has just come out from the bathroom,Caractedly encounteredkay。 Two people always welcome,Blue Xin is a little accident,Will see her here。 kayLooking at Blue Xin,Regardless of the time?,Her face,Still like the youthful,That pair of good-looking and clear scorpions,Still is the most moving,She is angry […]

Such a scene,Perspective of walking in the past around,One face color chains,Personal convulsion。

Five fingers。 This has much pain。 Be too embarrassed。 People look through the eyes of summer full of fear。 Not only them。 He Tie Wen also finally realized,I have no effect on this guy in front of this guy.。 I immediately turned a deep fear.。 “Let go of me,Me,I don’t want you to trouble.,This […]

The speed of flying is naturally more than double feet。

Soaring in the sky,The mountains have passed down at the foot,Summer thoughts are also unparalleled。 No use two days,He returned to Giant City,Fall to the ground,Hiking and rushing to Yixianfang。 After seeing this scene through the light curtain,Su Tao, these are also heavy, and it is heavy.。 “This kid has been hiding,Deliberately low-key,Good character is […]

Wine barrel,At this time, there is no mistake in human greed.。

He after flashing,I started looking for a suitable secondary entry.。 See the front battlefield,IGEveryone is about to be melted,He is directly aligned with the target.IGCasa in the back row。 next moment,He close to the wall。 Then the top of the big belly is moving forward to the core battlefield,There is no stagnation in your […]

“and then?After you disappear,The endurance is still a chaotic,Your two sons are constantly being revised,You protect human beings still don’t realize”Quan Wei looked at the help and Naruto。

“Yes,Although I don’t want to”The six cactors said。 “Glow night’s purpose,However, it is to fight against the big cylinder.,Need ten tails to accumulate strength,I think you don’t want to be enemy with your two sons.” “Because you are their mother” Hui Night still doesn’t speak。 “This is not a knot.,Bottom Wooden Home I will deal […]

Chen Linzhi,Raise the arm on her shoulder,There is a kind of let her go to San Francisco,I help you provide the impulse。

Can finally play wild,Cannot say that export,In one sentence:“I went to Hong Kong City.,Register a new company,Also go to Huaxia to investigate the factory,Then the San Francisco company is more,Recruit a new number of employees to help find orders,Also hire new management to help。And you,How are you,When is there a holiday?,Food with me to stay […]

“Less nonsense,Fart。”

“Rely on!” Feng Tianpeng is not cool,“How to talk to a brother?。” “I hang up……”“Allo。” Feng Tianpeng immediately stopped,Hurry,“The capital has a big event.。” Narrate。 Summer heart does not help,Ambient,“What is。” “Yang Yi, Yang Yi, was smashed by people,So far from coma……That is a few days ago.,I want you to know.。” Toned,Feng Tianpeng,“I doubt the […]

“what,nothing。”The wind is slightly patted after the hand of the pot,Signature yourself,The doubts in my heart are more rich.。

What is going on here?? Just when the Binneche,Bamboo,Two black spots appeared in the distance,Next, a few jumps,next moment,Two girls have appeared in front of the team。 “sister。”For the first girl combing tea red double horsetail to the beauty piano,“confirmed,Indeed no problem。” “That’s right.,Meiqin sister。”Fuffmea next to the bucket,“Freelia has also seen it.,It seems that […]

Wang Youcai almost fainted with anger,He got dressed and followed out。Two policemen stood at the gate,Holding a book in one hand,While writing,While asking Chen Xiaoju。

“Yo!Xiao Li!This movie belongs to you?”Wang Youcai shouted out loud。 The policeman looked up at Wang Youcai,And asked with a smile:”Why is Boss Wang here??“ ”Chen Xiaoju is my friend,Xiao Li needs to take good care of her in the future“Wang Youcai laughed and said。Wait for these two policemen to leave,Chen Xiaoju’s face suddenly changed。 […]

“There is only one person around this blue stone.,Where the gambling god,Is there only a person’s breath?,But the power and control of your words are contained.,It is not written by Lin Feng at all.,More than a thousand words are simply,Mixed,Your person is a whole day to force the calligraphy,Can you use a lot of gas to be on the stone??”Night lonely。

“can not,People in engraved words are at least a realm higher than us.。”Southern Southern President:“And higher a realm,Can you engrave it or an unknown?!” “good,In this case,This is not Lin Feng.。”Cheng Tianlong looks ingredient:“This word is new,I can judge that it is within a short time.,There is no reason between the traces of the word.。” […]