he asks:“What is thinking??”

Le Yu Yizhen,Looking at him smiling:“You think of。” Relling:“Laughing?” Le Yu:“”Hermed her。 She still thought that this man would be smart.。 “In the hospital?” Le Yu is not angry, answering him。 Lei Ling always feels a special。 At this time,Surprise sound from outside the door。 “Gather,She is specially pregnant with twins,I am this old.,Too special […]

“Tang boss doesn’t have to worry,Just a few killers。”

“Class long,You are fine.?”Wang Manchun and Feng Manna asked, “I am fine.,You are late.,Killer has ran。” At this time, the car is also arrived at the car.,When I saw a long history:“Long pool,Are you OK?” “I am fine.!” “Long pool,You didn’t have a gun??”Queu Wu, “Gun is put on the car。”Rui Rui is a gun,But […]

“Of course it is really good.,Will I deceive people in this kind of thing??”

Cai Qiuyu’s words let Li speak in the wind.。 Go on:“That line,I told your business with my friend.,She can solve it completely,But you have evidence,As long as you have evidence that they will be rope。” Third, confirm that Cai Qiuyu has evidence.,Li Hui also sent the other party to Song Ting.。 On the evening,Chang Mao,It […]

It’s like one o’clock in the evening,Xia Jian sleeps soundly。Yao Junli knocked on the door and walked in,Xia Jianyi smelled her wine,Unknown in my heart has a kind of disgust。

“You drank too much,How about you go back to your own room and sleep,Then you will have a better rest“Xia Jian rubbed his eyes,Said with a sleepy look。 Although Yao Junli drank a lot,,But she still knows,Otherwise she won’t touch Xia Jian’s room。When she heard Xia Jian say that,The woman’s sensitive heart has understood Xia […]

That day,At the close,Watching1738.74Point of the way·Jones Industrial Index and201.5Standard & Poor’s500index,Ji Shengcheng muttered:“crazy……crazy……”

Although this round of plummeting has made myself full of profits,But Ji Shengcheng was still shocked by the crazy downward momentum:Single channel·Jones Industrial Index has22.6%The drop,Yidao·Jones Industrial Index for reference,Down this day,Conservative estimates of the evaporating market value of the US stock market are also5000Over 100 million US dollars…… “Why don’t you kill those bastard […]

He Bu had already jumped to the end,Suddenly there is an ice step under my feet,Tap on toe,The whole person is like a bird,Soar,Killed the magician’s back。

The black-robed mage was surprised,Surprised by Wei Xiaoxing’s condensation into ice,It shows that this human child has a very strong affinity with magic elements,Even surpassed my own archmage。 To know,Although he can perform the Great Wall of Fire,Or even summon a meteor shower,Use the fire element in the void to kill the enemy and destroy […]

and,Research on this light pattern equipment,Tie Qin State is still in top secret,Unexpectedly, Ye Korea can already be used for actual combat。

Although the soldiers in the Sandstorm City did not activate the armor,But the light pattern equipment on them,Can make them powerful,Walk fast,Mobility is far beyond ordinary humans。 And in the army of Sandstorm City,There are also a group of super powerful existence,They can tear apart the armor of the tank with their bare hands,The body […]

And when she looked up at the plain in front of her,I found out where my eyes touched,There is no one living,Those soldiers who didn’t know their pain all fell。

Xia Chenglong’s short-term peace of being unable to fight,This man guards his beloved woman in his own way。 “You are crazy?”Murong Qianxue frowned。 If suddenly there is danger at this time,Xia Chenglong has no resistance at all。 “fast,Before those guys come up,Quickly push the blood out of the body。”Xia Chenglong exhausted his last strength and […]