A pair carved in special metal,The unbreakable secret pattern is fixed in this ruin。

once,This is the place where many experts in the universe have comprehended,But with the emergence of the Fourth Jedi,No one cares here soon。 As for the world beast catastrophe,,There is no strong one going。 But at the moment,Below this secret pattern,But there is a dark figure。 This figure,Extremely evil,With a pair of black horns soaring […]

“Nothing,I didn’t plan to go back to Lichuan now,There are still some things to deal with。Little don’t win newlyweds,Grandmother is dying,It happened suddenly,They really have to go back。”Zhu Minglang said。

“what?They keep telling me,Be sure to explain the route they walked to you in detail,I’m afraid you are going the wrong way,Can’t meet them,I can tell,Ladies are not used to your absence。”Hu Bailing said seriously。 “They are not as weak as they look。”Zhu Minglang smiled。 Don’t worry,If Li Yunzi has woken up,With her resourcefulness and […]

Xia Jian, who was checking information on the computer, was startled by the sudden intrusion of the black baby。When I understood what Heiwa meant,Hurriedly stood up。

Quiet in the compound,There are no lights in a few rooms。These few days down,It seems to be tiring everyone。Xiao Xiao should have gone to bed early,She can stick to Lao Xiao’s funeral,Is already very difficult。 Needless to say,Heiwa came in over the wall。Because after Xia Jian changed her phone number,,No one knows his new account。 […]

Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Seven Wildcat Demise

No room for thinking,Li Tianchou just kicked the ground subconsciously,Fly upside down。at the same time,With the light flashing diagonally above his head,“boom”A gunshot,The surrounding walls were humming。 Li Tianchou’s scalp is tingling,The ears are full of messy calls,Then came tearing pain in the left leg。When his flat body is about to touch the debris below,Also […]

Saw the Yuntai Spirit Eye,So I looked for a way from Yuntai Ling’s eyes,Instead of blindly ingesting one by one aura like others。

“It seems your source of spiritual realm,I also pushed a handful of Xiao Baiqi’s growth progress。”Mr. Koi said。 “Thanks to Mr. Koi for reminding,Laid a good foundation for Xiao Bai Qi。”Zhu Minglang said。 I have to be confused,It is estimated that Xiaobai has reached the end,The cultivation base is only at the quasi-jun level and […]

“What noisy?Are you going to die?!”Wang Youcai’s eyes widened with anger,The coal clamp in his hand swayed in the air involuntarily。

The one who knocked on the door was Mr. Chenzhuang’s wife, Aunt Wang,Behind her were three Chenzhuang villagers who were similar to her age。Aunt Wang did not expect that Wang Youcai would have such an adult temper,He was so scared that he took two steps back。 “Boss Wang!Did I bother you to sleep”Aunt Wang looked […]

text Chapter Fifty Six decision

? Lu Menglin also wanted to ask this uncle about the situation in Beijing,If you want to submit the report materials,Is it sent directly to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection or the State Textile Bureau?? After a few more greetings with editor Hu Yiming in the hotel lobby,Lu Menglin decided to go back to […]

“Xiao Chen isn’t going to have tea together?”The driver’s uncle and Chen Wen actually met this morning,Live in the same dormitory back then。

“I’m not going,Just eat rice noodles later。” The other uncle in the car smiled and said:“Xiao Chen, there is a fairy girl,Why don’t you be in the mood for tea with us??” Chen Wenjin looked at Master Chen anger,The latter quickly said:“What do you think of me?You guys saw it when you went to dinner […]

it’s good now,Suddenly someone called the door。And killed several disciples of the Miyamoto family。This has reached the edge of tolerance of several masters。If another disciple of the Miyamoto family is killed,They no longer hide,Will come out to deal with the so-called prince of the grain consortium。

How,Today’s scene is a bit awkward。No one even knows what kind of response to make。Qin Feng didn’t mean to speak,But Haruko and others have no backbone,They all looked at Futian。The look in my eyes seems to say:It’s up to you! Where can Futian dare to decide easily?!Because it represents the future of their Miyamoto family,Even […]


But actually it’s nothing more than a little egg、Pork and noodles only,These things can cost a few dollars? Wang Zhi said nothing,Immediately nodded and agreed:“I think it’s ok,This can become the company’s fixed system。” “Then it’s settled。” As for Yan Yuan Korea and other technicians of the company,I heard that you can eat noodles with […]