Building a road enterprise

The joint inspection team is checking the cave.Chen Hanlin is a map of November 2nd, the Beihai Operations Management Center of Guangxi Beitou Group coastal Expressway, Joint Yulin Division He Pu Lu Road political law enforcement brigade, and carried out bridge and culverts along the rutai highway.After investigation, the joint inspection team found that there […]

China’s 25e batch ging naar het Congo (goud) Weicker-team: hoe moeilijker en meer

Tijdens de verplaatsingsmissie van de opdracht Mount Uvillary bestuurt ons vredeshandhavingswerkzaamheden een mechanische apparatuurspanning. Wang bin foty "Vergeet niet om de regenjas in de tas te zetten!" Februari van de Congo (Gold) Zhengui Rain Season, China’s 25e batch Ga naar de Congo (Gold) Weicker Team Uvila Repara Team Officers en soldaten om de bouwtaken elke […]

Changbai Mountain Ecological Center actively cooperates with central environmental inspections to carry out risk investigation and monitoring work

  Since July, the Changbai Mountain Ecological Environment Monitoring Center actively cooperates with the Changbai Mountain Management Committee Ecological Environment Bureau and the three economic management areas, and carries out a series of monitoring work to meet the central ecological environmental protection inspector. The role provides technical services, guarantees and support for the smooth development of […]

China Federatie met een handicap en andere 16 inzet van de vijfde publiciteits- en onderwijsproducten voor gehandicapten

Netwerk van mensen Beijing 14 augustus (kinderlijke vroomheid, Zhou Jingyuan) Om het bewustzijn van de arbeidsongevening verder te verbeteren, recentelijk, de federatie van China gehandicapten en andere 16 afdelingen "Mededeld over het organiseren van de vijfde nationale arbeidsongeschiktheidsdag Publicity and Education Activities" (hierna "Kennisgeving" genoemd), is het nodig om een ??goede baan te doen in […]

De geest van "Juli 1" is in de achterban, "mijn", aan het werk! Heilongjiang vier kolen stad "send skills" te laten "矿 嫂" quite straight taille

  Xinhua News Agency, Harbin, 1 augustus IT: "Mine", ik ga aan het werk! – Heilongjiang vier kolen stad "send skills" te laten "矿 嫂", "al de rechte taille, Xinhua News Agency Wang Chunyu, Yang Siqi, Xu Kaixin" Het aantal is meerdere malen, de tranen kan niet stoppen. "Het houden van de eerste 2.500 yuan van […]

The passenger transportation volume in the first three quarters, the civil aviation industry knocked more opportunities

Original title: In the first three quarters, the passenger transportation volume entered the civil aviation industry knocking more opportunities as the "barometer" of the economy and society, the civil aviation industry was significantly affected by the new coronary epidemic. The transportation department data shows that during the National Day holiday (October 1st to 7), the […]

Beijing disease control: 13 people have cured them to discharge the other 34 people are stable

On November 13th, at the 259th Press Conference in Beijing New Coronary Virus Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control, Deputy Director of the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, member of the National New Coronary Virus Pneumonia Expert Group Introduce the reporter The current treatment of the case. Pang Xing fire said that as of […]

Shanxi Sanbian fertility fee is included in medical insurance reimbursement

  Original title: The province’s three-child fertility fees are included in the medical insurance reimbursement on November 11, and the reporter learned from the Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau that the Bureau will have issued the provincial finance department and the Provincial Health Jiterary Committee recently issued "About further good time to make birth medical security work. […]

Uncover the mystery of Russian new "armor" system or debut in military parade

A basic type "armor" SM projectilberry in the Russian "Army-2019" Forum is exhibited.(Source: China Army Network) Recently, foreign media reported that in unveiling mystery, Russia’s "armor" system today’s mainstream air defense system is still a high cannon + missile mode, and traditional high cannon shooting is close.In the face of the increasingly far-farther airborne weapon […]