She turned out a comment to the camera’s camera,Significant tone:“Miss,Dongcheng at home,Operate three large supermarkets,This is your home.?”

“good!” Yu Qing’s Answered,For your own life,She doesn’t hide,Those social platforms,Have her。 Gu Ai’an suddenly put the phone to the camera.,Look at Qing,Tears fall in an instant,“Miss Yu Qing,In my Weibo,Have your message,Still a blessing message,You know that Lu Gong and I have already got a marriage certificate.,But you”Gu Anan wants to say,Low,The crystal clear […]

More than a dozen heavily armed police,Quickly subdued these guys。When the police put them all in the police car,Xia Jianfa discovered,The police officer turned out to be Captain Tong of the Interpol。

Captain Tong also recognized Xia Jian,He laughed and said:“President Xia!why is it you again,You can just go to work in our criminal police team” “Who told me to have bad luck,Always bumping into these bad things。Why did you call the police again??It seems that we two are really destined”Xia Jian was laughing,Walked over,Shook hands with […]

Although these two old guys,Very quite is not something,but……After all, the handsome hand is meat.,In case you play again,What can Chu Deer??Don’t hide!

Therefore, the Chu Deirers are not awkward.,Give it to the land.——“Sparse”That is a low vendor’s statement,Flying a high vendor,This is called“Dharma resolution”。 Qiao Feng stills can’t just recognize,Even if this is a pit,And Murongjiu has already donated to the incense.。 Dali,At this time, I will take it together.,Sleeping straight,Chu Deirers don’t know when he drilled […]

How come an army has surrounded itself here??

“Slay me here,See live,Slaughtered!”The burly man riding a scorpion horse shouted,The whole person is full of evil spirits! “Everybody,What kind of hero?”Zhu Minglang stood on the eaves,Questioned。 “Even our Longmaying people don’t recognize,Still in Runyu City。Tell you master,This city doesn’t need to be in charge,This city is what our Longmaying said,Dare to order us to […]

“Yes,Joy?I remember?I will go find them.?Then our first task is to kill Ji Yunqing??”

“Correct!He but the iron traitor,After the devil entered the city, he sent this bunion.,I can’t wait for the devil to reward him.,This person will die!And he is one of the more important characters in the green,Kill him can warn those who want to be traitors,It can also be shocked.,After killing him,Zhang Xiaolin is your next […]

this time……Suddenly connected。

then,“Little stars are sparkling,The sky is full of little stars……”The ringtone of the mobile phone came out from the mobile phone shop not far in front。 She was obviously taken aback,Run quickly。 “Both of these are the latest,sixGThe internet,Netcom,Large memory,Long standby,Ultra-clear camera,Dual card dual screen,The difference is only in a flip-screen design,Another sliding screen design,If […]


The sword swept across Old Lu’s body,Just avoid the invisible sword energy,The palm is firmly slapped on the sword,Drive the surrounding blood to disperse。 Both back at the same time,Then there is a short break。 I can’t fight like this anymore,Because the longer the time, the worse for Xia Chenglong。 The battle at this moment […]

Xiao Si holding a dagger,Squatting on Liu Yi’s legs and making gestures for a long time,Still didn’t dare to start。

“waste!”Brother Qian stepped forward and kicked the little fourth,Picked up the dagger。 “I will ask you one last time,Do you call the great writer?”Brother Qian is fierce,Shouted fiercely。 Brother Qian has made up his mind,I have to do this Liu Yi today。 Like him,Only by being crueler than others can you beg for food,So Brother […]

“why?Why are there skeleton soldiers in Chiyue Canyon?And behind it was a Moon Demon Spider?”

These four gang leaders,Of course they know the moon spider,This strange dark monster,Usually lives in the deepest part of Chiyue Canyon,Rarely appear on the periphery。 And in fact,There are very few gods who have actually seen moon spiders,Because most of them died,Only a few people can survive the attack of the Moon Demon Spider,And it’s […]

But Lin Youwei didn’t think much,Happily raised his hand and said:“Sakura,how,Do homework here。”

“Yes,I still have homework,Not like you,Actually have time to go out to play。” “I’m here to handle the case。”Lin Youwei quickly explained,If this is spread,Sneak out to play by yourself,This has to? “Handle the case?”Yang Xiaoying suddenly felt bad,Because of this,There must be something big。 And these two people came to find themselves specially,Then it […]