Beijing: large-scale paintings "great march" first national tour exhibition opens

June 16, 2021 the first exhibition tour Beijing opening ceremony guests posed in the Beijing Cultural and Creative Industry Exhibition Center, a large group of paintings "great march" in the country. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, carry forward the great Long March spirit, by the Beijing Cultural and Creative […]

De fossiele is het initiatief en hecht zich aan Lu Yonghong in de Verenigde Staten, "Nanshi Lion Inheritor"

  Sinds het werk van stenen snijwerk, beloont hij altijd de instructies van de ouders, ijverig bij het leren en sluipend het onderzoek, gedurfde innovatie, dapper absorberende binnenlandse beroemde gravure-technieken, ingenieuze integratie van hun eigen creaties in het stenen snijwerk, carvingtechnieken in toenemende mate Volwassen maakt de gesneden werken in flexibel, toont de scènes en ideologische […]

Be optimistic about economic and social development and comprehensively from the strict treatment of the party

  On September 24, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, the Secretary of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, and the director of the Provincial Supervision Committee of the Provincial Supervision committee surveyed in the Nanchang Xiaolan Economic and Technological Development Zone. He emphasizes that he must learn to understand the socialist thinking of […]

Chengdu Women and Children Central Hospital joined hands to deepen cooperation again

People’s Daily Network Chengdu April 3 (Wang Jun) 2nd, Chengdu Jintang County People’s Government-Chengdu Women and Child Center Hospital Deepening the second round of women and child health care cooperation in Jintang County Maternal and Child Health Hospital held a meeting room . At the ceremony, Zhang Xiaoxuan, Dean of Chengdu Women and Children’s Central […]

The Second Congress of the Second Congress of Xining City, the Communist Party of China

People’s Network Xining July 22 (Ma Jianhui) On the morning of July 22, the Second Representative Conference of the Communist Party of Xining City, China. The General Assembly has elected the Second Committee of the Second Committee of the Second Committee of Xining City, Xining City, the second discipline inspection committee member of Xining City, […]

China Telecom Digital Country National Promotion The start will be held in Changsha

Li Zhengmao pointed out that 2021 is the implementation of the "14th Five-Year Plan", opening the beginning of the new journey of comprehensive construction of socialist modernization, and my country’s rural construction has entered a new stage. China Telecom will give full play to cloud network integration, security and credible digital ability, focus on implementing […]

Today, three consecutive years of Mid-Autumn Festival "Five Moon Fifteen Rounds"

Original title: Today, three consecutive years of Mid-Autumn Festival "Five Moon Fifteen Circles": How to reward? How to shoot? September 21, Mid-Autumn Festival. Astronomical Science Experts introduced that after three consecutive years of Mid-Autumn Festival, the 16th round of the 16th round, this year, the public can appreciate the most round moon in the Lunar […]

Science and technology progress to help disaster prevention and mitigation

  [Phenomenon] Since the incident, in the face of fierce floods, more and more high-tech flood control "artifacts" have been widely used to flood control. Using Fengyun No. 4 meteorological satellite, continuously monitoring the water area and rain tape changes, providing data support for weather forecasting and flood control rescue decision; Can quickly assemble and decompose […]