And at this moment。

In the Dean’s Office。 Dean Chang is teaching Li Chengke。 Jackson’s matter,Almost ruined the golden sign of their hospital。Jackson is their most important part now……There can be no accidents! “Go out!” Reprimanded for a while,Director Chang is tired too,Commanded。 Simultaneously,Seeing Ruan Wu come in。 “what’s up?” Dean Chang,Asked。 “Fang Yu,came back!I saw Dr. Bi talk […]

Originally because of the original,Chu Deirers don’t think,This“Qiankun a gas bag”Toughness will be a problem,But……

Now Zhang Wuji is not a hard work,Subject to Jiuyang Hengqiu,But unknown reason“high”,It has deviated from the creation of the breakthrough,Especially this Qiankun agar bag,Actually the fare-sakou skin,This Chu Deiren is even more。 “How much can this thing??”Chu Deirers can’t ask。 “I don’t know this.,I am making it‘Qiankun a gas bag’Later,I have never been so […]

“Dont look at me,I don’t have much money。”Burke grumbled,“Go out for adventure,Don’t make much money。”

Wright also said nothing,He is also a pauper。 Out of four,So only Karl is richer,But everyone has self-esteem,Impossible to buy things with Carl’s money。 But even without spending money,There are also many things to see in the black market。 “Several respected masters,See my goods?”A businessman who looks potbellied has a wretched smile,Greeting Wright and the […]

“You know that there are three levels of nine grades in cultivation, right?。Nine products、Eight products、Seven products are called lower third-rate,After the sixth rank, it is considered mid-stream;

There is a big state between each class。 The difference in strength between great realms is as large as that of those who have cultivated and those who have not.! The seventh stage to the sixth stage is a big realm,Many people cannot break through for thousands of years,Just because there is a martial arts […]

“He didn’t know that he received your favor!”

Li Jiacheng was even more surprised and puzzled,Even more surprised:“Who is worthy of your care?” He Rongsheng and Guo Yingdong laughed and said nothing。 “Could it be……” A terrible thought came to Li Jiacheng,He fingered the ceiling and said:“Is he the first one……” He Rongsheng knew he misunderstood,Shook his head and said:“Is not!” “Not the […]

Uncle is nodded,Show your back on the ghost tattoo,And said the nightmare。

“Ager is like me,Trapped in a sleep,Even the little divergence。I have never been,Strong is serious,Ambiguity,Inevitably recruit。” “I look first。” Quietly grasps the hand of the uncle Horny Touching two minutes to stop,Serious road:“I will give you a light first. If you can’t Open two and three times。” “puff!” Liao Juzheng drinks water,I heard it directly. […]

He is not a saint,There are the emotions and sorrows of normal people,She can understand how he feels now,If you are deceived by your favorite person,The reaction should be stronger than him。

Understanding is one thing,Acceptance is another matter,Yangliu is considerate,Reasonable is true,but,She is a woman after all,Sometimes fragile,Left on wedding night,Or because this is the reason,The reason why it’s nothing。 Anyway,They are already husband and wife,Names have been written together,Is the oath made just to follow the trend,Gone with the wind?? The most important thing between […]

“What do you mean,AMCDead?”a long time,Rosemary asked,The sound is so loud。

“99.99%Chances are dead。”Chen Geng affirmed。 Rosemary is Rosemary after all,After the initial emotions,She asked immediately:“that……we……” Understand the meaning of Rosemary,Before she finishes,Chen Geng said:“I also considered this question,But it’s not time yet。” It’s not time yet? Rosemary thinks a little,I quickly understood:Yes,PresentAMCIt can be said to have attracted the attention of the entire United States,Even […]

Did not look back, just made a relieved gesture to Yao Yao three people,Slowly come to Gao Ya,The little girl instinctively wanted to hide behind Xiang Chen,But the bondage of the police uncle,Make her immobile。

“Why steal something?” Xiang Chen squatted in front of elegance,No need to ask the police around you about the situation,Looking at the bread held tightly in Gao Ya’s hand,Xiang Chen can already guess a frame。 Gao Ya pursed her mouth without speaking,Xiang Chen waited for a long time without waiting for the voice he wanted,Finally […]

Since the child likes,Don’t interfere with their freedom in this old age。

“I know you are disappointed in everything,But i see something else in your eyes,I don’t beg you for anything else,But I want you to remember to keep yourself safe,Someone is waiting for you!” Talking,Bai Lu rushed directly into Xiang Chen’s arms,Hug her tightly。 “I don’t have a father anymore,Don’t leave me alone。” “rest assured!” Xiang […]