“Speak!”Xia Jian understands,This guy can’t hold it anymore,Staying behind for yourself。

The stand-up collar man sighed and said:“We have to pretend that nothing happened。We both go to send the film normally。You are far behind,Remember the place clearly。You can go in after we leave,Thus,We can just whitewash” “Row,You promised your request。But you two have to be honest,If you want to play tricks,I don’t need to say the […]

Ding Lao Er and Hu Luze have always been at odds,He naturally doesn’t care about Hu Luze’s life and death,Just looking at the yard below,Whispered:“In the small space below,Chen Xiu, this kid desperately detonated more than 20 grenades,He should have killed himself!”

“You are dead,I won’t die!” The smoke gradually dissipated,I saw that Chen Xiu was holding the dying Hu Luze with both hands as a shield,Hu Luze’s body is full of grenade fragments,The wound is already purulent。 “old road!” The friendship between Guan Jing and Hu Luze for hundreds of years,Seeing an old friend so tortured […]

Gao Boyi asked with a ridicule。

“I have no idea,have no idea,Such a thing,Don’t ask me a woman,I really don’t know anything.!” Lu’s emotion is almost collapsed.! “You don’t think,Are you owed to a explanation??” Gao Bao is pinching the chin,Forced her and their own。 “I have no idea,Don’t ask me” What did the Lu have been aware?,However,She still does not […]

Hu Huiru glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Yes, Mr. Xia!Your mind is wider than the sea。If you change Wang Youcai,,He must be worthless of what you said”

“I call it morality to complain”Xia Jian laughed。 ———— First2266chapter Big mind Hu Huiru is a very scheming woman,She asked the hotel waiter to deliver the ordered dinner to her room,And there is a bottle of red wine。 Dinner was moved on the coffee table on the balcony,Two people leisurely lie down on the single […]

Xia Jian glanced at Xi Zhen,Smiled slightly:“It almost turned on when I went to bed last night,So you go find me,I don’t even know,There is nothing to ask”

“Deceive!The chimney in your room doesn’t smoke at all,Explain that your fire is sealed,Such a cold day,How can I sleep without turning on the stove?”Xi Zhen said and smiled,Her smile is a little weird。Xia Jian was speechless to refute,When feeling embarrassed,Han Juan pushed the gate and walked in。 She held three pairs of rain in […]

So the instructor doesn’t want to speak,Because there is no good idea,But because of Liu Ju’s face,I can only say a few words,He summarized the thoughts in his mind into three points,One,Everyone said so much,Did not consider the murderer’s motive,this point is very important,Murders with no motives often put the detection work in a dilemma,Second point,The evidence room is the first scene,About this view,The instructor is unambiguous,Almost arbitrary in attitude,Don’t want to explain;

Third point,Cases handled by instructors,Too weird,But often the more coincidence,The closer to the truth of the case,he thinks,Zhang Zhiqiang was just taken into custody,The National Security Bureau committed a life case,This is the double coincidence of time and timing,One more idea starts with jade pull finger,Starting with Zhang Zhiqiang himself will avoid more detours。 The […]

Another third order,Is now the lord of the Great Qin Empire,Hu Hai,The youngest son of Yingzheng,Zhao Gao ignored that much,Anyway, he did it for the sunrise,Life at sunset is very satisfying,and,Since Hu Hai came to this world,I am afraid,The original history of this world has changed,Will he be born after more than two thousand years,It’s hard to predict。

Anyway,Now he is satisfied with his sister Xiaoyue,He will never be alone anymore,If you can’t go back, you won’t go back。 “Brother,Are you thirsty??Xiaoyue get you water。” at this time,Xiaoyue, who was weeding next to her, seemed to be thirsty when she saw her brother,Said with a smile,Then happily ran to the wooden house。 “Satsuki,Run […]

Sedum calmly opened his eyes,Looking at Yongan Dang in front of me,Sighed,After all, he is not a ruthless immortal,He is just an ordinary person,Otherwise, how could you personally go to the monster to take risks for the trivial matters of the new group member Luo Chen??

“300,000 points,Can take me a long time,As for using points to advance to the fifth level?forget it,So much points,Not enough,I’ll talk about it later。” “Visiting Fang Han for the first time,I can’t go empty-handed,Still bring a bit of Pantaoxian bar,I hope Mr. Fang Han doesn’t mind,After all, I don’t have a stable source of points。” […]

Not only that,This knife also chopped off at least a thousand catties of meat,Crashed off,Add blood to a river,It’s like a well fountain,Flying down。

The power of this knife,Make everyone look dumbfounded。 They all know Lord Wu Hao is very strong,I don’t know that he will be so powerful to such an exaggerated level。 If it weren’t for the immortal god of the ancient pan,,Immortal,I’m afraid that such a ferocious big move will explode a few more times,Hacked it […]

After Sun Monkey heard the words of the short man in white,Said quietly,The voice falls,Sun monkey close his eyes,I don’t want to see this arrogant guy in front of me again。

“in fact,I think your Monkey King is not good,I remember the world where a good friend of mine lives,There is a guy named Aolaiguo Third Young Master,That Aolai Country Third Young Master is not very strong,But the name is very long。” “Such as what proud of fog,Floral and fruity,Dinghai a great dynasty,Qi Tian is better […]