Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China End 100,000 balloons

Original title: 100,000 balloons are empty and red, orange, yellow, green, dark blue, light blue … Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party near the end, the 100 gas cages on the square open, 100,000 balloons are vacated Start, colorful colors bloom in the blue sky. Getting with the balloon […]

Add a war in the Central Plains

China Construction Seventh Bureau on-site establishment of the hospital reconstruction and temporary headquarters, deputy secretary of the party committee, Sun Xiaohui, deputy general manager of the bureau, Li Junjie, the deputy general manager of the bureau, under the site, under the construction of the system, the transportation coordination group, the interpolation group, on-site epidemic prevention […]

Bescherm persoonlijke informatie, laat de wet aanwezig

   Tegenwoordig is het een tijdvakdag: speciale wetten in de eerste persoonlijke informatiebescherming van China – "de persoonlijke informatiebescherming recht van de Volksrepubliek China" (hierna aangeduid als "Persoonlijke informatiebeschermingsrecht) wordt officieel ge?mplementeerd.   Op dezelfde dag liet de China Internet Association het Persoonsinformatiebeschermingsvoorstel vrijgeven om te benadrukken dat het handhaven van persoonlijke informatiebeveiliging de verantwoordelijkheid is van […]

Changchun City Green Park: Boothing to the Thought

Thought "open" development obstacles to "Qing" this year, Green Park Xixin Industrial Concentration District included Changchun High Quality Development "Four Plate" International Automobile City Segments, Green Park Emancipation Thoughts, Borrowing, Actively Grab this rare The historical opportunity, relying on the United States to open the area, vigorously develop the automotive supporting industry, promoting the new […]

Party representative style Li Zhenjiang: Do five articles to enter the province’s top ten

Zuo Zongbiao, formerly, Liuzhuang. The Xiangyin County Committee Propaganda Department is for map "Some Xiaogu Caozhou County, a total of a leaf. "Hometown for the people is Li Zhenjiang as the initiality and mission of Li Zhenjiang. It is also the goal of his efforts to pursue achievements. In recent years, Xiangyin has strengthened people’s […]

Russian army equipment new unmanned reconnaissance machine

According to Russian media reports, at the end of last year, the Russian army began equipped with a new reconnaissance system’s "hound" drone. This unmanned reconnaissance machine is dedicated to the anti-air defense radar and air defense missile system to determine its location and technical performance. Russian military experts pointed out that after equipped with […]

Tongzhao tax: upgrade "protects the seedlings" action to help companies thrive

The company has never been there, from "seedling" to "big tree", its development and grow causing care and professional leadership. Since this year, the State Administration of Taxation Tongli County Taxation Bureau has conscientiously implemented the "fine service" requirements. Combined with the difficulties of paying more difficulties, blocking problems, innovation to set up corporate escort, […]

Responsible body color, Your peer – a letter from Chongqing’s body color

  The majority of citizens: China’s sports lottery is responsible for responsibility, because of responsibility. As a member of the sports color big family, Chongqing Sports always keeps the value concept of "public welfare body color responsibility first", and regards social responsibility as part of thinking and practical. In the process of practicing a lottery concept, […]