Baoji Golden Territory: 57 unlicensed training institutions

Original title: Baoji Jintai: Turn 57 unlicensed training institutions (Reporter Duan Chenghu) reporter recently learned from the Baoji City Golden Taiwan District Education Sports Bureau: The Golden Taiwan Education Sports Bureau gives full play to the main position of school education, strive Reduce students’ burden on education, and effectively put "double reduction" policy to practice. […]

Concentreer kracht, sterke partij, op en neer

Een paar dagen geleden heeft het Partijcommissie van Tianjin Dongli District Taxation Bureau actief nieuwe vormen van leeronderwijs onderzocht, via "Concentration + video-aansluiting op het terrein", voerde de Party Committee Theory Learning Center Group en Office Party Branch, Military City-belasting uit Office Party-tak die de koppelingsactiviteiten leren, verder bevorderen van de opleiding van de partijgeschiedenis […]

Chekhov can also be a rose

◎ Lin Shu has some beauty. At that moment in the world, it is destined to have fate with people who love it.The German poet Angelus, German poet, wrote: Rose is not open, because it opened the flower; it is so worry-free, nor is it visible. This classical poetry, if used in the expression of […]

Beijing Property Management Special Governance Transcript: The first group of 90 projects have exited before the complaint

People’s Network Beijing April 29 (Pool Dream) On April 29 The top 100 in appeal, the special governance results were obvious. It is understood that since the introduction of the "Regulations on the Property Management of Beijing" In November, the city’s street work and "Pirlot" reform jointly issued the "Special Governance Work Plan for Property […]

412 public places in Beijing realize the card test "health treasure"

  The reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Provincial Secretary that through the development of the existing intelligent terminal, increase the reading function of the pension, ID card, social security card, etc. 412 public places such as parks and shopping malls.   According to statistics, as of now, Beijing "Health Treasure" AI empowerment has supported 1922 residential […]

Promote production and protection of ecology, use ancient farming wisdom to benefit modern agriculture

Original title: both promotion of production and protection of ecology, use ancient farming wisdom to benefit modern agriculture Ye Minger guided Yongjia County Township Township Shengshan Village farmers "Daily Xiang" Rice Rice Planting and High-performance Rice Functure System Management Technology Reporter for map my country’s agricultural cultural heritage, including the farming wisdom of "Heaven and […]

Chinas WTO Entry Facilitates Globalization, Benefits Global Growth

ChinasWTOentryfacilitatesglobalization, () "Chinaisabigsupporterofthemultilateralsystem, andthisisexactlywhatweneedrightnow," saysJeffreySachs ", wewontbeabletosolvetheseproblems." NEWYORK, (Xinhua) -. ChinasentryintotheWorldTradeOrganization (WTO) twodecadesagowas "atremendouspushtoglobalization," benefitingbothChinaandtheworld, "Without (Chinas) membershipinWTO, alotofeconomicgrowthandintegrationwouldnothavetakenplace," JeffreySachs, directoroftheCenterforSustainableDevelopmentatColumbiaUniversity ,, "becausewereallyhaveabenefitofsharingeachothersknowledge, oftravelandtourism, ofdifferentcultures, ofdifferentwaysofknowledge, ofdifferentwaysofinnovation." HenotedthatChinahasdevelopedasasignificantplayeroverthepastdecades, becoming "themajortradingpartnerformostoftheworldnow," whichisnotonly "aremarkableaccomplishment," butalso "ahugebenefitfortheworld." Inthepast20years, Chinasglobalrankingoftradeingoodshasrisenfromthesixthtothefirst, ssustainedeffortstodevelopeconomicandtradetieswithothercountriesan "excellentstrategy, "Sachssaidtheworldssecondlargesteconomyisrecommendedto" continuetoincreaseitstradewithotherpartsoftheworld, "addingChina" canplayahugelypositiverole "indevelopmentinregionssuchasSoutheastAsia, CentralAsia, ncedevelopmentinotherplaces, upgradingtheinfrastructureandbuildingtheeconomiesthatarestilllaggingbehind, whichinthelongrunare" mutuallybeneficial, "henoted ..

Shanxi Yangcheng: Provincial School cooperation to plug "gold wings" for rural resolution

In the Henghe Town, Henghe Town, the Danxia Landmform, Honglan Center, and the Village Committee of the Village Committee, introduced the field of foreign merchants to create a "picturesque Henghe" art creation base. Through the 13 domestic institutions of Zhengzhou University College of Art, Zhengzhou University School of Art, Shanxi Normal University, Jincheng Vocational College, […]

Qingdao Laixi City "Three Careers" to do a good job in institutional reform "second half article"

  In order to further consolidate and deepen the achievements of institutional reform, promote the construction of the cooperative and efficient institutional function, and implement the "Regulations on Preparation of the Communist Party Agency". The Qingdao Laixi Municipal Committee has used a variety of means to carry out the institutional reform "look back" , Do a […]

Shenyang: Iron barrel prevention and control puts the import of cold chain food safety

Original title: Visiting Shenyang storage imported cold chain food No. 1 fixed-point cold storage – in order to ensure imported cold chain food safety, Shenyang City strictly implements imported cold chain food concentration isolation storage method, implementing iron barrel prevention and control on fixed-point cold storage, ensuring access Goods safety. How to prevent control? How […]