“so close,Almost deceived by this death row。”Jing Yu was also frightened in a cold sweat。

“No matter what,We have harvested a prey。”Luo Shaoyan said。 …… Continue to the mountains,You can see many slaves along the way。 Those slaves are ragged,Dark skin,Everyone is carrying a thick stone after another,Are carrying these rocks back down the mountain。 They don’t seem to be emotional,Even if I see outsiders walking by, I don’t have […]

The thin and tall man with two big golden teeth smiled:“Don’t you know each other after two cups??I advise you to learn more,Otherwise, if you lose your temper, it will be difficult to handle“

Xiao Xiao raised his brow,Suddenly pushed away a yellow hair who was blocking her and roared:“Why don’t you send me?,We don’t know“Maybe it was Xia Jian’s sudden arrival,Gave Xiao Xiao infinite energy。She shot,Which yellow hair is not paying attention,I almost fell to the ground by Xiao Xiao。 Xia Jian just remembered,Xiao Xiao and Dragon Ball,They […]

Too big big sister,Blonde,Value,Continuous tight leather clothes in the search company,May be because the size of the clothes is small.,The zipper is only pulled by half the chest.。

now,Bronk shoulders rely on the wall,It is deeply good tonight。 Compared to below,I also follow the siki and Kiiani suit size of the search officer series.,The zipper has been pulled back to the neck,People who are ity,The moon is still opposite round。 A group of people cast a strong look,They are also very curious to […]


one、《Mental illness!?》 Hard emergency department10year,Effect of successful,There is also the sorrow of the sky,Get a lot of experience,There are also some blood lessons,Here is a case that makes me regret.。 Just three years of emergency,I feel that many things have been mastered.,I am a little proud of the invisible,therefore,Many things are easy to neglect。 Day […]

Although there is fear in my heart,Chen Xiu didn’t slow down,Double palm launch,Facing Wei Kai’s palm。

“Bang!” Two palms collide together。 With this palm, Chen Xiu put all his strength into it,I already used a trace of the eighth-grade zhenqi in my body,Beat Wei Kai,Grunt,Go back,Numbness and pain in the whole arm。 Chen Xianxian wants to win and pursue,The masked man is chasing。 “Can’t be so entangled with them for so […]

Wang Degui laughed and said:“Still think about us!You miss them,They don’t even have a phone。This catastrophe,Pingdu Town’s loss is not small,Youdao may be punished“

“Hey old man,I heard,The head of Zhangwang Village was taken away“Chen Yueqin suddenly lowered her voice and said。 Wang Degui shook his head and said:“I thought this village chief was an official,Rush to do,Dry!This is not going to happen。Our kid has a big life,If it wasn’t for Zhao Hong, this woman is capable,Xiping Village will […]

To know,Old Zhang was forced to death by Qin Feng。Such people are actually official?Was called the chief by the detective?

Su Rou always feels that this world is full of malice。 Qin Feng,Who are you? “Haqiu——”Qin Feng in the villa sneezed,“How do you feel that some people want to harm me?” ———— Chapter One Hundred Zhang Qiang Dinner time that day,Originally, there were many takeaways at home,But today Qin Feng unexpectedly discovered,Su Rou actually cooked […]

“Zhu Kun?That kid still doesn’t give up!This is deliberately against us!”Jiang Jingchuan frowned,Displeased。

“how?You guys know?”Lu Menglin asked casually。 Jiang Jingchuan glanced at his sister,Wryly smiled:“Be it!I almost became my brother-in-law!That kid chased my sister wildly,After being rejected by my sister,Target everywhere,I guess this team is also because he heard that his sister is going to compete,Specially for us。” “There is such a thing?Jiang Xiaomei,Or you can sacrifice […]

Hu Yang and Hua Tsai took a ride,To Shanghai,Someone will receive them。

The driver is a eloquent uncle,Along the way,Never stopped,From home to abroad,economic、military、People’s livelihood is involved。 Such talent,Hu Yang thinks he should not drive,It’s nice to be a host。 at this time,The attention of the Populus live studio has reached 580,000,Seeing that today I can break through the 600,000 mark。The live content of these two days […]

Xiao Yan didn’t expect,I just sat down,I was praised by the strong fighting emperor in front of me,The whole person was lost in an instant。

Even Xiao Xun’er at this time,I was stunned for a while,She knows the situation of Brother Xiao Yan best,Also sent Lingying to check,But there is no reason for the disappearance of quarrel。 But now Brother Xiao Yan has received such a high evaluation from the other party,Did she see the reason why Xiao Yan’s grudge […]