“Peng!”Endless light and power,Ernst’s rays of light gave a sudden shock,The entire top floor of the ship burst open,Dozens of figures shoot straight into the sky like sharp arrows,The hull of this large building shattered。

“it is good、it is good,Koland·Gaskell,Wright?You hide so deep!”Ernst gritted his teeth,Koland just hit,Actually gave him a little threat,This shows that since the last match,Koland has made a little progress,And Wright’s blow,It killed a subordinate that he valued very much。 Wright and Koland looked at each other,Simultaneous shot,Koland pounces on Ernst,And Wright’s figure flickered,Turn towards‘Seraph’。The plan […]

“I Earth Human、Infinite Palace、The world tree is flourishing。”

“Especially my earth,Hong and I、Thor、Luo Feng Rise of Four,The contemporaries don’t look particularly good,Even the guy from Thor can’t keep up。But I didn’t expect that after the appearance of the Six Holy Peaks universe,Actually show in batches‘Latecomer advantage’。” “The generation of our three old guys,Seven or eight masters of the universe were born,Only Thor has […]

Li Yan returned to Fang Yu again,Said deeply。

This time,She has a good tone! “Let’s go!” Fang Yu knows that dad is watching,I can’t refuse。 “I can handle it here……You can come back later!” Fang Deyun watched his son leave,Said with a smile。 son,I’m going to be happy! “Why did you agree again?” After driving away,Li Yan said strangely。 “My dad thinks okay!” […]

“it is good!Do well here,Well done here, it will never be worse than the state-owned unit。Since everyone knows,I won’t have to hide away anymore,You go busy!”Xia Jianyi saw an old school friend,Excited,Have their own new ideas,May ask Li Xiaomei’s work experience,He temporarily cancelled this idea。

Li Yimei smiled and went out,Xia Jian couldn’t help but think,I have studied in Pingdu for more than two years,In addition to classmates and alumni,He probably knows a lot of people,It is strange that,Except for Cai Li,There is one more Li Xiaomei who I just recognized。 Thinking of Cai Li,Xia Jian still cares a little […]

“well said,We mainly eat“Xia Jian smiled,And ate it。

Several women see this,Started rushing to eat,The atmosphere was very lively for a while。 Wang Degui who woke up early,Exercised in the yard,And started cleaning the yard。Chen Yueqin just getting up,Took a look at my wife,A little surprised:“Yo!Old man,Is this the sun rising from the west?!You haven’t done this job for some years“ “Hey!Don’t say […]

Ouyang Hongyi listen,Hurriedly shook his head and said:“Don’t do this,The two of us were close,If you come to my house again,Will make people gossip,I thought we two had something to do with our interests”Ouyang Hong said,Actually laughed secretly。

Xia Jianyi listen,Deliberately put the mouth to her ear and said:“There is absolutely no business in interests,It’s hard to say in other aspects”Ouyang Hong understood the meaning of Xia Jian’s words,She reached out and pinched Xia Jian’s thigh.。 “Tell you nonsense,What a bastard,It made people unable to sleep well in these two days。Oh!Forgot to tell […]

An undifferentiated defense system composed of various blasting traps and heavy firepower nets,Unless someone who can master the law,otherwise,Everyone is dead!

———— Chapter 960 Army pressure In the city,The hurried drum of war was beaten,These trembling warriors put on their armor under the leadership of the new commander,Equipped with their own weapons,Came to this mighty military stand,Qi Er and a group of elders standing on the military platform wearing golden or silver armor,Look at the soldiers […]

“I think this van is more suitable,”Not waiting for Sun Shoupeng to ask,Chen Geng took the initiative to give him the reason for doing this:“According to the most mainstream international design concepts for these two types of products,Miniature family cars basically use the front engine、Front drive or rear drive design,Because of the limitation of body size,Accuracy of some key and core components、The size requirements are very high;

Relatively speaking,The power and transmission system of this single-box car basically uses the engine mid-mounted、Rear-wheel drive,Volume requirements for engine and gearbox、The accuracy requirements of parts are relatively low,The difficulty of technical research is also fundamental。” While deciding to give the project of the van to the Jialing Factory,Chen Geng silently said sorry to Changhe Aircraft […]

“Hey……Kid,Didn’t you hear what Brother Lin said?,Stop breaking your leg again。”

The younger brother behind Lin Lao San also yelled。 They dare to do this because they have never seen Xia Chenglong,So in their impression this person has no backstage。 Since there is no backstage,It’s not as simple as pinching an ant。 “Kid,I advise you to keep your business off,Do you know who is standing in […]

John Zhang has a scalp,Nodded quickly:“Yes,You won!I lost,I surrender!”

He was really panicked,I’m so afraid if this kid is upset,Punch yourself directly,That’s really not a joke。 “Comer,Get a lifetime card for this gentleman!”John Zhang hurriedly shouted。 Everyone here understands,John Zhang is completely admitted。 :。: ———— Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Eight Beauty saves the hero “No need!I am a friend of Brother Nan,I don’t […]