De catalogus van mensen: 8,1%! China’s economie zit vol met vullen, prospects

  Het bruto binnenlands product nam het jaar op jaar toe, het totale economische volume is gestaag in de wereld, de CPI is matig stijgend, het werk is stabiel, het basisbalans van betalingen, de inkomsten en economische groei van bewoners, de basisprincipes van de Economie van de economische transcripties van 20021 China, kleur, kijk eens. Een […]

Accelerate the construction of people’s information

Original title: Accelerate the implementation of the National Congress Information Construction, the Standing Committee of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of the Autonomous Region, the 22nd meeting of the National People’s Congress of the Autonomous Region, the representative symposium, surrounding the use of information technology, and raising […]

5 provincial-level red tourism classic scenic spots in Qinghai Province

According to the "Notice on Carrying out the Classic Scenic Spots of Qinghai Province", according to the "Code of Service Code for Red Tourism Classic Scenic Area" (LB / T055-2016) and "Classification of Classic Scenic Spots in Qinghai Province", The cultural and tourism department recommendation and preliminary examination, Qinghai Provincial Culture and Tourism Halls according […]

Dingzhou 2021 implementation 20 people’s livelihood projects

Original title: This year’s implementation of 20 people’s livelihood projects implement 20 people’s live practicing projects in the new start-up shanty households, the new start-up shantytown, the foundation of 801 sets, recently, from the Dingzhou Municipal Government, the city insists that there is no small things around the people, continue to protect and Improve people’s […]

Sea Holdings Group promotes brand building and breeding, explosive brand

  Workers check mango on the production line. Reporter Yuan Yu photo "The particles are full, the color is uniform, and the quality is stable." On December 13th, in the Town, Haikou City, Hainan Agricultural Reclamation Industry Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Haiwei Hot Educational Group) The purchase of the raw material quality when […]

Premier Pledges to Expand Opening

ChinesePremierLiKeqiangattendstheWorldEconomicForumspecialvirtualdialoguewithglobalbusinessleaders, deliversremarksandholdsdialogueandexchangeswithparticipatingglobalbusinessleadersattheGreatHallofthePeopleinBeijing, onNov16,2021. [Photo / Xinhua] Chinahasadoptedaseriesofmeasuresthateffectivelyeasedpressureonthesupplyofelectricityandcoal, andthecountrysfutureenergysupplyisguaranteed, lobalBusinessLeaders, LisaidthatChinawillconsideritsnationalconditionsandpushforwardthelow-carbontransitioninabalancedan, founderandexecutivechairmanoftheWEF ,, LisaidthatChinaseconomyhasingeneralsustainedthe, thefundamentalsofChinaslong-termeconomicdevelopmentremainunchanged, asthecountrystotalnumberof150millionmarketentitieshaveprovidedresilienceandvitalityfortheChineseeconomyandstronglysupportedemployment ,, Chinawillstepupcross-cyclicaladjustments, willnotresortto "floodlike" stimulus, andwillintroduceamixoftaxandfeereductionsatanappropriatetimetokeepitseconomicoperationswithinareasonablerange, sfirmcommitmenttoexpandingop ening-up, sayingthatChinawillpromoteinternationalcooperationandbuildamarket-orientedna, obaleconomicrecoveryfacesincreasinguncertainty, LisaidthatChinastandsreadytojoinhandswithallpartiestofightthevirusandensuritationandstepupinternationalmacroeconomicpolicycoordination, inordertopromotethesteadyrecoveryoftheworldeconomy, hesaid. (Webeditor: ZhongWenxing, LiangJun).

Social rescue work performance apprait Guiyang for 8 consecutive years

During the guarantee of the poverty, the party membership volunteers (right) to the villagers to learn about the "Interim Measures for Social Rescue", the Social Rescue Interim Measures, and the Provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Provincial Department of Finance issued 2020 Social Assistance Work Performance Assessment The situation is notified, Guiyang City once again received […]

The Taxation Bureau of Qinhuangdao Development Zone continued to deepen the "Knowledge Pioneer · Geeng Team" party building brand

In the key investment promotion project, the bureau established the "Investment Promotion Tax Service Liaison Group", specializing in the value-added tax measurement model, and returning to the tax preferential policies, high-tech enterprise policies, migration processing and other related businesses Setting up, providing the relevant departments of the management committee, taxpayers provide timely and accurate policy […]