This way,She is only responsible for staring at Li Tianchou,Report at any time even if the task is completed,As long as the other party does not violate the general principles and national laws,Shen Yingjie basically won’t interfere。

And Shen Yingjie also knows,Even if you want to interfere,With her current strength, she seems to have more than enough energy,She also has a very strong curiosity,I really want to see the reaction of this once lonely hero in the face of many crises,Very exciting。 A very cool sports car parked by the marble white […]

Chen Xiu looked in a trance,Quickly turn on the faucet,Desperately washing the palms。

Doesn’t hurt or itchy。 Pinched for a long time,No signs of fading。 Chen Xiu’s expression,Extremely distressed。 Today is really retrograde,Hang around。 Chen Xiu was big。 Standing in front of the mirror,Three minutes of dullness,Just rubbed his face,Picked up the broom and went out。 I just slapped Li Kui’an,He must have a grudge。 I must cheer […]

Imperial Capital of the Central Bank of China,Worthy of being the largest city in the Puang Empire,Many merchants come and go。

In a quiet tavern in the North District of the Imperial Capital,Wright and Curton are holding their glasses and drinking,Little Anna is holding a cup aside—It’s just juice。 “Brother Cotton,How does the imperial capital feel!”Wright raised his glass and asked with a smile,He stayed in the college for six full years,Is one third of the […]

“I ask you a question.!You feel……Which of me and Weidi you prefer?”

Francis looks at the birds in the sky,Whisper。 “Why do you ask this question??” “nothing,Be curious!” “He is my best friend!And you……You should know that God is not a so-called love.!” Wen Di suddenly laughed,Laugh。 “Really?Then you talk about it.,What is the relationship between our two now??” Francis is a little confused,Then asked very seriously。 […]

“Lord of the Demon?!”The three realms are stunned!Especially the powerful people who had no room。

after all,That was the undisputed leader of Infernal Affairs!Is the pinnacle of the ancestral god! then,The Nuwa Empress who has not made a breakthrough into the world is not as strong as him! but,But no one helped。 first,Li Ming’s strength is unmatched。Second come,In addition to his own line,Also not liking others—Although Master Hengmu is a […]

Police officer is embarrassed,Thought for a while,Keep saying:“Or else,How much does the little girl’s medical expenses,Out of us,how about it?”

Get!Even if you pay for yourself,I don’t want to make the problem bigger。 however,they do not know,This has been posted online,Soon it caused heated discussion among netizens。It’s been 30 or 40 years since reform and opening up,National power is second only to the United States,The bones are still soft,It’s not sensible! Everyone accused the police […]

I had to go back to the ear hole,But Wang Shuai called to go together,I saw surprise in his eyes。

Till now,May still not show up。 Li Xiang went to Wang Shuai’s house,I was very excited to tell Qiangwei:“Wang Shuai’s family is so rich!You have a leopard,Then think of a way to let me take Wang Shuai down!This is too rich!” “Row,But Abao, you have to deal with it,Wait for Wang Shuai to take down,You […]

In fact, he doesn’t feel much about the fake couple Tao Zhenzhen has always said,Did not refute or even agreed,Because I don’t feel angry,Also because of this woman’s reputation。He never thought about divorce or anything,If you want a divorce in the countryside, you don’t want to die?Even if she has a bad reputation,The old lady will not tolerate such things happening。

As for what to do in the future, he didn’t actually think about it,But he is watching him coldly these days,She is not as unbearable as the legend。Even Aunt Li, the oldest woman with a long tongue in the village, has a good relationship with her,He doesn’t know what he thinks,What else she said“Fake couple”This […]

Isn’t the Tu family too big to go out in two hours??

Wait for the other party to finish,It’s already half an hour,Xia Chenglong cleaned up quickly,When coming out of the room,Even Tu Cancan was a little stunned。 Just this look,Go out and be“duck”Must make a lot of money。 Xia Chenglong doesn’t care about women’s behavior,Swaggering past the front。 “Hey,Wait for me,Grandpa San said,We want to show […]