“2000Times、3000Times!”Li Ming’s speed has stalled,Not that the will has reached its limit,But feel to go further,A little too conspicuous。

“3000Time flow rate,Although this level of will impact is a bit pressure,But it’s just a little pressure。” Li Ming’s feeling now,As if hundreds of thousands of years ago,My boyhood—wrong,Should be billions of years ago,My first life is still on that ordinary earth,I feel a bit heavy on my body when practicing boxing。 under pressure,But it […]


A touch of ice-cold appeared in Jin Guanxiao’s eyes,Behind the Golden Battle Emperor Law. ———— Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty Three:Be cute,Blood Secret! “Take a ghost!” “I won’t be slapped to death by her.。。。” Fuming heard the words and mumbled,This killing god sits behind him like this,I’m really worried。 Xiaomeng disdain:“Look at you,The four words […]

Yi Zhixing said with a smile:”I used to show people Feng Shui、All fortune tellers are Taoists,When have you seen a monk。Monks will also recite scriptures。”

”This is not right,I go to Huashan、Hengshan、Qingcheng Mountain Tour,I saw a lot of fortune tellers、The people who read the eight characters are all monks!” ”fool,Those are fake monks。Do you see which Buddhist scriptures teach them to tell people how to read Feng Shui?! ———— 444 Luoyang Shovel Yi Zhixing almost never got stuck in his […]

Bai Qinglin’s sleeve robe turned over,A black long sword appeared in his hand。

next moment,Long sword in his hand,Turned into a black light,Break through the grass,Go straight to Chen Xiu。 Bai Qinglin was only investigating Chen Xiu’s details,At this time, I can’t help but see Chen Xiu practicing his brilliant light skills.,Want to own it。 This sword is as fast as the wind,But silently,Like a poisonous snake。 Can’t […]

“That’s good。”

Blue Neville in his arms,At this moment, I can really experience the feeling of falling in love.。 Lu Haozheng bowed,Gently drop a kiss on her head,Such scene,Has been a luxury,Now really happened,He is very happy。 Thinking of her last night,“after,you are mine。” His lips hooked a smile of evil spirits。 “Blue,I forgot to say a […]

422 Half day tour

“In the early years, a group of geologists came to us for inspection,Said this loophole was caused by the impact of river water,So there is a dark river flowing under the hole。 But that dark river often changes location,I don’t know where it flows from。 When this cave was just opened to the outside world […]

Beigongwang at this moment,Look blank,Half of my shoulder was crushed,Limp,But it doesn’t even hurt。

Everyone saw him so miserable,Can’t help but feel miserable。 Bei Gongwang’s injuries,At first glance, he was injured by the huge force of the ruling,And it’s so late,He appeared in the courtyard of Changhe in Beigong,Itself is a loophole。 Everyone knows that after Bei Gongwang came back from the Cow Demon Hall,Stupid!How could he appear here? […]

What’s more,There are many people who are not pleasing to Mousen,Wish he had a problem,Now just to take advantage of the chaos,Natural response。

“Won!Hehe!we won!Hurry up and help buddies up!My waist is about to break。”Wei Xiaoxing has a full face Excited,Even moaning so vigorously。 He Bu is still forced,But he quickly ran to his friend Wei Xiaoxing,Lifted the opponent up gently。 Heard the thunderous cheers of the audience,Maosen was taken aback for a while,A little overwhelming,Then he rushed […]

Baiqi said:“What are you doing?Sensational!If you know in your heart that we are all great people。”

“And it’s really great,Then arrange the time we go back to play well,And then,Eat and drink,Must do the best。” “Let us relax and treat us well so that we can see your sincerity,Now you know?” White chess is an easy。I know people who are angry like this。After Lin Yuna said something,,He immediately activated the atmosphere。 […]

quickly,The soldiers and horses of Floating Cloud City outside the city have swarmed outside the city gate,They are a stone’s throw away from the city,Swaggering camp,An arrogant look like no one else。

Watching the enemy underneath the tent in full swing,Cooking in a pot,Mao Yongfei couldn’t help but his eyelids jumped。 “Old take,Do you want to rush to the camp?”Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Asked。 Mao Yongfei shook his head,Shen Sheng:“The other side came from afar,Although it can be regarded as a tired teacher。But their army is not chaotic,Morale […]