Dharma people’s "Deo" problem

[] From geographical attention, Dover in the southeastern British is the most recent in the European mainland. Each British schoolboy can carry out more than 21 miles from Galai, France. But in the psychology of the British, Dover may be the most UK far away from the European continent – Dover is the UK, Dover […]

De business unit heeft "alleen academische kwalificaties" gerekruteerd, hoeft meer stappen te ondernemen

Originele titel: de business unit die is gerekruteerd om de "alleen academische" te breken, heeft nog steeds meer stappen nodig en de business unit heeft de aankondiging van 2022 rekrutering vrijgegeven. In vergelijking met de aankondiging van de aanwerving van het voorgaande jaar, bereidde de werkzoekende zich voor om de business unit aan te vragen, […]

Cross-strait poetry music reading in Taipei

People’s Network Beijing September 22 (Reporter Sun Liji, Chen Xiaoxing) "Good rain knows the festival, when spring is happening. With the wind, there is no sound in the night, the moisturit is silent … "15th night, accompanied by this" Spring Night Rain "," Listening, Songs – Cross-Strait Poetry Music Read "in Taipei." Teach me how […]

Chongqing: Intelligent accelerated traditional industrial transformation and upgrading rhyme

[] Relying on 5G, big data, industrial Internet and other "new infrastructure" empowerment, more and more companies have embarked on intelligent transformation paths, and continuously build intelligence intelligence.It is understood that this year, Chongqing will promote the implementation of 1250 intelligent renovation projects, and in 2022, it has promoted the implementation of intelligent transformation projects […]

8 Buitenlandse projecten zijn samengevat in de economische ontwikkelingszone van Huishan

  Originele titel: Kwaliteitszakenomgeving trekt acht buitenlandse buitenlandse investeringen in de internationale grensindustrie om te betalen voor de bouw van Huishan Economic Zone is de bedieningsdirecteur van Itali? Weim Transportation Machinery (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., 3 maart, met een Het uitrustingsproject van Power EM Group in de strategische lay-out van China in China, en Huiyashan Economic Development […]

The seven rivers surked about 40 provincial investment projects in the first half of the year.

Machine roar workshop, tower cranes standing, sun-changing industrial parks. Seven River City held the city’s power to make a good investment to guide the battle, big projects, good projects all over place. As of the end of June, the Qixihe City contracted 40 provincial investment projects, and the agreement investment billion yuan. 17 new work […]

Turkish aggressive drone in Central Asia

On October 23, 202, Kyrgyzstan President Sadr Jaropoli said at the press conference held in Bishkek, which will purchase drones from Turkey. According to Istanbul, Istanbul report on October 31, Turkish research and development of TB-2 attacker drones should not be available, and 13 countries have delivered orders, including Qatar, Ukraine, Poland, Azerbaijan, Libya, Turkmenistan […]

The new crown vaccine enhancement needle is "starting" all over the country, is there an impact between 6 months?

  Since mid-October, the number of cases of new neighboring pneumonia in the world rebounded for 4 consecutive days, and China’s external prevention input pressure continued to increase. At present, my country reports more input local epidemics, involving multiple ports, discovering multiple propagation chains. Further stacking in the winter and spring season, the prevention and control […]

The city conveyed the study of the 11th Congress of the Communist Party of China in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

  On December 2, the city conveyed the study of the 11th Congress of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of the Communist Party of China. Meng Xiandong, member of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, and Tongliao Municipal Party Committee, Meng Xiandong attended and speaking, emphasized that it would be more closely united to be […]