Wang Youcai really admires the five bodies that Lu Liming admires。You said such a powerful character,Why do you live like this??

When signing the contract,The fat old man made a condition,She asked Wang Youcai and Doctor Lu to keep this contract confidential,So I can’t tell anyone。This matter is for Wang Youcai,Is a very simple thing。 After the contract is printed,Wang Youcai watched it twice,Found no problem,So I signed my name on it。Then he took out his […]

Li Yina,Her mood will not be good,And this time I saw Li Yina,She obviously felt the changes of Li Yina,She seems to be different from before.。

NS716chapter:She also fights again And Lu Haocheng in their private room,Blue Xin and Lu Hao Cheng are sitting together,at this time,Finding table food is not your interest。 Her ear carefully listened to the conversation between two men,Let Lanthen unexpected,Li Guangz is actually only the real estate tycoon under Dad.,This time,Lu Haocheng uses a project,Justice with […]

Kill Li Ming,Just one trick。

But give Li Ming another ten years。 With the speed at which the Hunyuanjing swallows the vitality of the world,Ten years is enough time for him to break through to the Consummation of Yuanshen。 At the level of Hunyuan Jing,The level of Yuanshen’s Consummation can be comparable to the early days of returning to the […]

But humiliation,Let him knock a hundred heads,Hao leader dare to do this kind of thing。

He wants to obey,Hao commander just moved a bit rough,Break his bones,Saying nothing can make this kid Zhumen so free and at ease! Royal Capital,Commander Hao dare not do it。 Hao Yong also tried his best to inquire about Zhu Minglang’s whereabouts from some servants who served the Mianshan Sword Sect.。 Waiting here specially,To get […]

“Thinking about her father’s death,Has nothing to do with me,What do you want to do?Fang Na,I warn you not to mess around!”Ye Boping lowered his voice,Nervously watching people around。

“You got the initial fee for that store,Over one hundred thousand,I forgot how excited I was?You have never seen a wad of cash,Over 100,000,You can’t earn more than 100,000。”Fang Na holds her chin up,Smug。 “I didn’t take a cent。”Ye Boping stared at Fang Na with gritted teeth。 “Correct,You didn’t get a penny,but,I ran away with […]

“Shut up your mouth”Old Xiao handed another bowl of soup to Xiao Xiao。

Xia Jian said embarrassedly:“Keep you waiting,When I was getting home just now,Which way is by the park,Someone shouted robbery,I rushed up without thinking about it,I didn’t expect this person to be good,Gave me a knife,The weird thing is,When i look back,The robbery,No trace” “It must be a trap again,Fortunately, the injury is not very serious”Old […]

A leopard hesitates,After all, I have suffered a lot,Just say:“Don’t add it when it’s almost done?”

The girl with good figure asks the pretty girl:“Of course I listened to Brother Leopard,But you have no money if you lose,I have to use my body,Have to pay the debt immediately,So how much depends on you。” The girl hesitated and said:“That won’t work,I put myself together!” Abao said:“Then you have more,How much to add。” […]

“grandfather,It doesn’t matter if I am embarrassed,But grandpa, have you ever thought,I’m away,It represents our Ouyang family,Then now,Does my shame soon mean that Ouyang’s family is ashamed??I guess,I don’t know how many people are watching our Ouyang’s jokes?”Ouyang Jianfeng said。

Ouyang Wuji put away the loving face just now,Sternly:“Ouyang Jianfeng,Don’t just put a hat on Ouyang’s family,This kind of thing is your personal behavior,Does it have anything to do with our Ouyang family??” Ouyang Wuji knew very well in his heart,The reason why Ouyang Jianfeng said this on purpose,The purpose is to let the Ouyang […]

Hit later,The child has learned well。Two coins in the morning,Three coins in the afternoon,Leave quickly after playing,And his record is usually one coin can kill 20 or 30 opponents,It’s really amazing。

Fortunately, he really likes to play such fighting games,So it’s just endless joy,Stick to it every day,Just want to fight。 Such a high-intensity battle,It also further tempered the kids’ King of Fighters skills,He is getting better and better。 In the first week,Xiaosiyan and the others take turns in battle,Can rely on the wheel to win […]

But even if Xia Chenglong wants to break his mind,Didn’t figure it out,Who will it be,Can have such great power,Able to unite so many countries at once as the enemy of Great China。

These things are getting more and more confusing,Xia Chenglong sighed softly,Then he shook his head helplessly。 Now things are so chaotic and complicated,Jackie Chan really doesn’t know what to do。 And at this moment,The military commander walked into Xia Chenglong’s military tent,He glanced at the military commander:“What’s matter?” “According to the spy,The deserter is about […]