Wang Youcai really admires the five bodies that Lu Liming admires。You said such a powerful character,Why do you live like this??

When signing the contract,The fat old man made a condition,She asked Wang Youcai and Doctor Lu to keep this contract confidential,So I can’t tell anyone。This matter is for Wang Youcai,Is a very simple thing。
After the contract is printed,Wang Youcai watched it twice,Found no problem,So I signed my name on it。Then he took out his bank card,Paid a lump sum of four years’ rent。
House prices are a bit low,But Wang Youcai’s efficiency in doing things still impressed the fat old man。Because the people here,Came a lot。Some people only wind and not rain。more than this,The contract is signed but no payment,Three drags, two drags, it’s a shame。
Work like Wang Youcai,Still the first。So when Wang Youcai went downstairs,,The fat woman boss sent him all the way downstairs,She also left her phone number for Wang Youcai,Said if there is a need to help,No one else can solve it,You can find her directly。
Doctor Lu said he would go down and take a look,Actually just an excuse。Wang Youcai downstairs,He came over,Went back to his residence with Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai is really grateful to Doctor Lu。But Doctor Lu said this is what he should do,Because he felt,Wang Youcai is really good to him。
Bring the relevant documents of Dr. Lu,Wang Youcai took out his ID card again,Put it in the same bag,Then I drove to the Donglin Building。
Lu Xiuli may have received Hu Huiru’s call long ago,So she didn’t say anything,And took all the information that Wang Youcai gave her。
Come out from Donglin Building,Only then did Wang Youcai get Chinese medicine for himself。Dr. Lu is right,These Chinese medicines are really valuable。Three sets of Chinese medicine cost more than 600 yuan,Even the guy who grabs the medicine feels the medicine is precious。
Now that these things are done,Then he can only go back to Chenzhuang and take medicine。While waiting for news from Lu Xiuli。But Wang Youcai knew in his heart,Lu Xiuli is Hu Huiru’s soldier,Hu Huiru’s men have no procrastinators。
I bought some food in Daping City,Wang Youcai drove the broken jeep back to Chenzhuang。Liu Ying saw that Wang Youcai bought back so much food,Of course she is full of joy。
But when Wang Youcai returned to the room,,He found that the quilt on his bed was washed by Liu Yingquan。Maybe it’s because I’m afraid it’s too cold outside,These things are hung in his office。It’s a bit messy,Looking upset。