Li Yina,Her mood will not be good,And this time I saw Li Yina,She obviously felt the changes of Li Yina,She seems to be different from before.。

NS716chapter:She also fights again
And Lu Haocheng in their private room,Blue Xin and Lu Hao Cheng are sitting together,at this time,Finding table food is not your interest。
Her ear carefully listened to the conversation between two men,Let Lanthen unexpected,Li Guangz is actually only the real estate tycoon under Dad.,This time,Lu Haocheng uses a project,Justice with Li Guangz,There will be something that Lu Haocheng appeared here today.。
Listening to the talk between two big men,Blue Xin instantly feels good。
She has time to watch my father to see the real estate book.,But she looks in the fog in the cloud.,Listen to Li Guanghe today,She has a feeling that is cheerful.。
Such as,Top ten issues that are prone to real estate,In her opinion,It is a very serious problem.。
After listening to the explanation of Li Guangch,She feels that she has a one million lesson.。
Li Guanghe and Lu Hao Cheng have finished,Blue Xin is still immersed in the conversation between the two,Inextricable。
Li Guanghe looked at Blue Xin slightly down,That exquisite outline,Under the light,More exquisite and delicate,He tick the lips slightly,The sound is like a cellist:“Blue Xin Miss,You seem to be very engaged。”
When he just talks to Lu Haocheng,I saw her seriously listening to him.,It seems to be very interested in his topic。
Blue Xinhu,Looking at her generous smile,“Listen to two big chats,Let me have a feeling of winning the ten years of books,Li Presses Your explanation is very exciting。”
Lu Haocheng looked at her,Tights a good look,But did not speak。
“Oh!Miss Lan Xin also is interested in real estate??”
Li Guanghe still laughed to watch her。
Blue Xin smiles,“It is a bit interest,I have time to see books about this.。”
Li Guanghe listens,Recommended to Blue Xin:“Blue Xin Miss,If you are really interest,You can take a look at the book of the real estate tycoon Yi Nianqi Teacher.,Will have a lot of harvest。”
Blue Xin suddenly looked at Li Guanghe,Some excitement,“Li total,What you mean is,What have you said just now,Is there a general book??”
Looking at the girl, suddenly shining,And excited sound,The smile of Li Guanghe’s mouth gradually expanded,Can’t help but nod,“good,All,You have time to see!”
“Thank Xie Li!”
Lan Xin recalls slightly,Dad gave her several books,She only reads a few pages of one of them.,Li Guanghe said,She has not read yet。
This time,Let her completely be interested in this piece of real estate。
Have time,She should see more books.。
Lu Haocheng Road:“Li total,I respect you a cup ,I wish us a happy cooperation。”
Lu Haochong has a red wine,Gently sway。
Li Guanghu nodded at her,“Continental,Apless cooperation!”
After two people gain a cup,Rising,Take the wine in the cup。
Blue Xin looked at two,Both people are very beautiful,It is also the temperament.,Compared to below,Lu Haocheng’s moment,It’s much more than Li Guangh.,In her eyes,She has to admit,Lu Haozheng is indeed more beautiful than Li Guanghe。
Li Nuko put the wine glass on the table,I poured a glass of wine again.,Lift,Laughing and looking at Blue Xin,“Blue Xin Miss,I respect you a cup。”
Blue Xin:“?
Big brother,Are you a mistake?,Business is,Drink what wine?
and,Her wine is really not。
There is no a cup?
She is one of her Blue Xin.。