“grandfather,It doesn’t matter if I am embarrassed,But grandpa, have you ever thought,I’m away,It represents our Ouyang family,Then now,Does my shame soon mean that Ouyang’s family is ashamed??I guess,I don’t know how many people are watching our Ouyang’s jokes?”Ouyang Jianfeng said。

Ouyang Wuji put away the loving face just now,Sternly:“Ouyang Jianfeng,Don’t just put a hat on Ouyang’s family,This kind of thing is your personal behavior,Does it have anything to do with our Ouyang family??”
Ouyang Wuji knew very well in his heart,The reason why Ouyang Jianfeng said this on purpose,The purpose is to let the Ouyang family come forward to avenge him,But other things are fine,Things like auctions,Always get the highest price,This means I want to make trouble,I can’t find it!
Ouyang Jianfeng looked at Ouyang Wuji as if he didn’t plan to care about this matter,Anxious immediately。
“grandfather,How can it be okay??Think about it,I’m the successor of Ouyang’s family,Then I’m ashamed,Who else will put me in the eyes,That doesn’t put me in the eyes,Isn’t it just not putting our Ouyang family in the eyes??and,The people at today’s auction were obviously helping the dead boy。”
Chapter Two Hundred and Two Won’t leave
“You mean the guy at the auction deliberately helped that kid?”Ouyang Wuji frowned and asked。
Ouyang Jianfeng looked interested in Ouyang Wuji,He nodded heavily,Then continued:
“Yes,grandfather,and,Not only Liu Lixin, the person in charge of the auction, helped him,Even the big boss behind the scenes helped that kid?”
Ouyang Wuji“rub”Got up from the sofa,Asked in surprise:“what?Are you saying that the big boss behind Xihai Auction Company is now on Fengling Island?”
Ouyang Jianfeng didn’t expect that grandpa would react so much,although,He didn’t know what it was all about,But still replied:“Yes,I heard what Liu Lixin said,And Liu Lixin still used his boss to press me!”
Ouyang Wuji’s brows are frowning more severely,If this matter was the big boss behind the Xihai Auction Company,,Then this matter is not so simple,Now it seems,The kid who vie with his grandson for this ring,Still have a background。
To say that the West Sea Auction Company has also been settled on Wind Chime Island for several years,But the big boss behind this scene has never appeared,But this year, this brat who didn’t know where came to bid on Windchime Island,The big boss appeared behind the scenes。
If there is no relationship between the two,So Ouyang Wou-ki said he would not believe anything。
If the big boss behind this scene is not involved in this matter,Ouyang Wuji originally planned to use this incident to teach Ouyang Jianfeng a lesson,So that he has a long memory,Do things later,Can also be more calm。
but,Now that this matter is said that the big boss behind the scenes is also involved,If I still let this matter go,Then once this matter is spread,,I’m afraid it will be detrimental to Ouyang’s reputation。
Ouyang Jianfeng noticed that Ouyang Wuji’s face changed for a while,Change in a while,I really can’t figure out what Grandpa’s plan is in my heart.。
Seeing that Grandpa didn’t mean to continue talking,Ouyang Jianfeng said directly:
“grandfather,Are you afraid of the boss of the Xihai Auction Company?,This wind chime island was developed by our Ouyang family,Their Xihai Auction Company is from outside,Logically,You shouldn’t be afraid of them。”